Five Killed in Nevada Collision

Five Killed in Nevada Collision

Five family members were killed in a tragic southeastern Nevada accident when they were hit by a drunk driver. The van carrying the family was traveling from Southern California when an intoxicated man driving an SUV crashed into the back of the family’s van while traveling on Interstate 15.

The Nevada Highway Patrol stated that the driver of the SUV was an 18-year-old. The accident took place near 3 in the morning. When the SUV collided with the back of the van, the van began to spin on the highway and eventually overturned. The impact was strong enough to eject five of the seven occupants of the van. The two surviving family members are said to be in critical condition. The intoxicated driver and the passenger of that vehicle survived the crash.

What did preliminary investigation found?

Intoxication was initially determined to be a factor in the car crash since a preliminary investigation found beer bottles in the SUV. The driver’s blood test results were not yet complete, but law enforcement made this determination based on the empty beer bottles.

The driver of the SUV is being charged with felony vehicular homicide and DUI, among other charges. He will be facing a long prison sentence if convicted.

Nevada’s open container law

Nevada Revised Statute 484B.150 is Nevada’s open container law.

1.It is unlawful for a person to drink an alcoholic beverage while the person is driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a highway.

2.Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, it is unlawful for a person to have an open container of an alcoholic beverage within the passenger area of a motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is upon a highway.

This subsection does not apply to a motor vehicle which is designed, maintained or used primarily for the transportation of persons for compensation, or to the living quarters of a house coach or house trailer.

3.As used in this section:

(a)”Open container” means a container which has been opened or the seal of which has been broken.
(b)”Passenger area” means that area of a vehicle which is designed for the seating of the driver or a passenger.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT), there are anywhere between 70 and 90 fatal accidents per year where alcohol is a factor.

The alcohol crash injury statistic is even higher. In 2009, there were 1,865 alcohol-related injury crashes in the state of Nevada. Every year, around 30 percent of all accidents in Nevada are caused by drinking and driving.


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