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Community Involvement

At Shook & Stone, we are dedicated to giving back to the Las Vegas community while also providing opportunities across the nation. Our firm deeply values higher education, which is why we established the Shook & Stone Scholarship. We provide financial aid to both undergraduate and law school students who are pursuing their academic goals. Our fellowship program offers law school students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in trials, depositions, mediations, and court appearances. Additionally, we are proud to recognize local Nevada heroes who continuously serve our community.

Love for Local Heroes


Our ‘Love for Local Heroes’ campaign was a heartfelt initiative aimed at honoring the extraordinary contributions of our community’s everyday heroes. Through this campaign, we invited individuals to nominate local heroes—such as healthcare workers, first responders, educators, and more—who exemplify courage, compassion, and dedication in their respective fields.

Participants were encouraged to share their nominations, highlighting the remarkable acts of kindness and selflessness demonstrated by their chosen heroes. The campaign culminated in the selection of a deserving winner, who received a pair of tickets to The Sphere Experience as a token of our appreciation for their invaluable service.

At Shook & Stone, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the unsung heroes who make a positive impact in our community every day. Through initiatives like ‘Love for Local Heroes,’ we strive to express our gratitude and support for those who embody the spirit of compassion and resilience.

Scholarship Winner

Huge congrats to our scholarship winner, Grace Schuler, a senior at Drexel University! Recognizing the immense importance of education, our team is dedicated to supporting students on their educational journey. Here’s to empowering bright minds and fostering a future of success!

Grace’s brother was hit by a car a block from his home and rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery. Thanks to a personal injury lawyer, they were able to accept a settlement to help pay for his future college & medical expenses.

Take a look to see how personal injury lawyers help people like Grace!

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