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Being injured in an automobile accident can leave you with medical bills, lost wages, internal injuries, pain and suffering, and in some serious accidents-the loss of a loved one. Shook & Stone are among the best automobile accident attorneys in the country and have been helping clients all over the Las Vegas Valley recover the compensation they deserve since 1997.

Types of Auto Accident Cases We Handle

We handle any automobile accidents including:

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How Common are Auto Accidents in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the country and has seen a rapid growth in population over recent decades. The city experiences thousands of automobile accidents every year, with many resulting in catastrophic injuries or death due to the high speeds that are common on Las Vegas roads. Between 2016 and 2020, impaired driving fatalities (which involve a driver with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or greater and/or tested positive for drugs in their system) comprised the largest percent of fatalities at 43% of all traffic fatalities in Nevada. [1]

What Should I do After an Auto Accident?

  1. Do not leave the accident scene until all information is collected.
  2. Check for physical injuries and seek medical treatment no matter how minor it may seem.
  3. Call 911 or the Las Vegas Police Department if on a city street or the Nevada Highway Patrol if the accident occurred on a Highway or Freeway and make a police report. 
  4. Exchange information with other drivers involved, including proof of insurance information.
  5. Take pictures of the scene and any damage to your property and/or vehicles as evidence
  6. Do not sign or admit fault in the accident – You may be in shock following the crash, and it may be partially your fault. But do not admit anything. That is best left to the investigators and injury lawyers to handle.
  7. Contact an experienced auto accident attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

Common Types of Injuries in Automobile Accidents

Common car accident injuries sustained in auto accidents include:

No matter the extent of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to seek medical care immediately after the crash.

First Responders Rushing To The Scene Of An Accident

Types of Automobile Accidents

All collisions are unique, yet there’s a common thread to how crashes occur. Understanding these patterns could potentially help you dodge an accident.

The Most Common Types of Auto Accidents in Las Vegas Are:

Rear-end Collision

Rear-end collisions often occur when a driver following behind another vehicle fails to maintain proper speed and distance. The impact of the lead car being hit from behind can cause the occupants to suffer from whiplash injuries, broken bones, and head trauma.

Side-Impact Collision

Also known as T-bone accidents, side-impact accidents occur when one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. Side-impact collisions are often caused by careless drivers running red lights, disregarding stop signs, or failing to yield the right of way. These types of accidents can cause serious damage and injury due to the lack of protection on a vehicle’s sides.

Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions occur when two vehicles are traveling in the opposite direction and collide head-on. These types of accidents often occur due to drivers under the influence, falling asleep at the wheel, or distracted driving.

Single Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle accidents occur when a vehicle collides with an object or other non-vehicular hazard. Examples of single-vehicle accidents include running off the road and into a tree, hitting an animal, and crashing due to mechanical failure.

Sideswipe Accident

Sideswipe accidents happen when two vehicles traveling in the same direction collide. This type of accident often occurs due to improper lane changes, failure to signal turns or careless driving. These types of collisions can cause serious damage and injury depending on how fast the vehicles were traveling at the time of impact.

Multi-Vehicle Pileup

Multi-vehicle pileups often occur on highways or busy roads in congested traffic. This type of accident occurs when multiple vehicles become involved in an accident, resulting in significant property damage and potential injury.

Hit and Run Accident

Hit-and-run crashes occur when a negligent driver leaves the scene of an accident without exchanging information or rendering aid to anyone who may have been injured. It is important to note that if you are in an accident, you should never leave the scene before all information is collected.

Drowsy Driving Accident

Drowsy driving accidents occur when the driver is too tired to maintain control of their vehicle. Being tired behind the wheel can lead to diminished reaction time and poor decision-making which can result in a serious accident.

Distracted Driving Crash

Distracted driving crashes occur when the driver takes their eyes, mind, or hands off of the task of driving. Common distractions include cell phone use, adjusting the radio, eating, and speaking with passengers.

Blind Spot Accident

Blind spot accidents occur when a driver fails to check their mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes or merging. This type of accident can be avoided by always checking the car’s blind spots twice before making any sudden movements.

Intersection Collision

Intersection collisions occur when two vehicles collide in an intersection, due to one driver running a stop sign or red light. These types of collisions can cause serious damage and injury to all parties involved.

Highway Accident

Highway accidents occur when two vehicles collide on a high-speed roadway, often due to drivers not paying attention or failing to follow traffic laws. These types of accidents can be severe and cause substantial damage and injury.

Low-Speed Accident

Low-speed accidents occur when two vehicles collide at low speeds. These types of accidents are often caused by drivers not paying attention or disregarding traffic laws. Low-speed collisions can still cause serious damage and injury, so it is important to be aware of your surroundings while driving.

Merging Accident

Merging accidents occur when two vehicles collide while merging onto a highway. This type of accident often occurs due to drivers not paying attention or failing to yield the right of way. Merging accidents can cause significant damage and injury, so it is important to always be aware of other cars on the road and take your time when merging.

How Long do I Have to Make a Claim?

The statute of limitations in Nevada on personal injury cases is two years from the date of the accident. You must file your automobile accident claim within two years or you may lose your right to recover compensation for any injuries or damages sustained in an auto accident.

NRS 11.190 Periods of Limitation

Why Choose Shook & Stone?

Shook & Stone is one of the best automobile accident attorneys in Las Vegas and has been helping accident victims all over the Las Vegas Valley recover the compensation they deserve since 1997.

Our experienced accident lawyers are dedicated to providing personalized representation and advocacy for all of our clients. We understand that automobile accidents can be traumatic experiences and we will work diligently to make sure you receive a fair settlement agreement.

We also offer a free initial consultation in order to discuss your case and determine the best possible course of action.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys who can evaluate your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. We are here to help you every step of the way. In order to obtain a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at (702) 570-0000 or fill out the form.   


[1] Zero Fatalities- Nevada’s Traffic Safety Education Program. (n.d.). Zero Fatalities- Nevada’s Traffic Safety Education Program. https://zerofatalitiesnv.com/


If Shook & Stone Are Representing Me, Will I Need to Go to Court for My Car Accident?

Whether or not you will need to go to court for your car accident case will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. Shook and Stone is a highly skilled and experienced team of auto accident attorneys who will do everything in their power to ensure that your case is resolved in the most favorable manner possible, whether that means negotiating a settlement outside of court or representing you in litigation if necessary.

In many cases, it is possible to resolve a car accident case without going to court, through negotiations with the insurance company or the other parties involved. However, if the insurance adjuster or the other parties involved are not willing to offer a fair settlement, then litigation may be necessary in order to protect your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve.

If you do need to go to court, rest assured that Shook and Stone will be there to represent you every step of the way. They have a proven track record of success in litigating auto accident cases and will fight tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

What Causes Most Car Accidents in Las Vegas?

The exact statistics may vary from year to year, but generally, the leading cause of car accidents in Las Vegas, as well as other cities in the United States, is distracted driving. In particular, the use of electronic devices whilst driving, such as texting, talking on the phone, or checking emails, is a common cause of accidents.

According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, in 2019, distracted driving was the leading cause of accidents in the state, causing 3,244 crashes, 444 injuries, and 18 fatalities. Therefore, it is essential to always keep your attention focused on the road while driving, avoid distractions, and obey traffic laws to minimize the risks.

If you have been in a car accident due to distracted driving or other causes, it's crucial to contact experienced car accident attorneys like Shook & Stone who can help you determine liability and fight for your rights to receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced car accident attorney such as Shook & Stone. The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming, and navigating the legal process can be challenging, especially when insurance companies and other parties may try to settle for much less than what you deserve. An attorney can help you by:

1. Protecting your rights: A car accident attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options, and ensure that you are treated fairly by other parties involved in the accident, the insurance companies, and in court if needed.

2. Investigating the accident: An experienced attorney can perform a detailed investigation to determine the cause of the accident, who was responsible, and the extent of damages you have suffered such as doctor bills, lost wages, and property damages.

3. Negotiating with insurance companies: Insurance companies often offer lowball settlement offers that don’t cover the full extent of your damages. A skilled car accident attorney can negotiate with them on your behalf and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

4. Representing you in court: If the case proceeds to court, Shook & Stone are experienced trial attorneys who can represent you effectively and fight for your interests.

Hiring a car accident attorney will take away the burden of dealing with the legal process and enable you to focus on recovery. So, if you have been in a car accident, it is always advisable to consult with a skilled car accident attorney at the earliest to ensure that your rights and best interests are protected.

Are There Any Particular Intersections or Roads in Las Vegas That Are Known for Car Accidents?

  • The intersection of Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard is known for its high number of car accidents.
  • The stretch of Sahara Avenue between Rainbow Boulevard and Decatur Boulevard is also notorious for accidents.
  • The intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Rainbow Boulevard has a history of accidents due to heavy traffic flow.
  • The Spaghetti Bowl, where the 95 and 15 freeways intersect, is another area with a significant number of accidents.

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