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Filing for Workers’ Compensation in Nevada

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Filing a Workers Comp Claim

An on-the-job injury can leaving you dealing with serious medical complications and lost income. In some cases, workplace injuries prevent the victim from returning to work for an extended period of time. Other injuries are so severe that they inhibit the employee’s ability to work at all. In addition to these concerns, work injuries can lead to overwhelming medical debt, including hospitalization fees, medication, surgeries, doctors’ visits, physical therapy, and more.

Situations like this create a need for workers’ compensation. As long as your employer provides workers’ compensation coverage, you are entitled to a payout to cover your work-related injury costs. If you suffered an injury at work, speak to a Nevada workers’ compensation lawyer from Shook & Stone today. We can guide you through the filing process so you stand the best chance of recovering the money that you need and deserve for your accident

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

  1. Report your injury to your supervisor.
    Once you inform your employer of your injury, your human resources department should provide you with the appropriate paperwork to fill out, such as an incident report and a claim for compensation.
  2. Fill out the incident report.
    As long as you return these forms in a timely manner, your employer must then submit your request to their insurance that provides workers’ comp coverage. If your claim is granted, then you should receive compensation for your damages.
  3. If you claim is denied, request a hearing.
    This hearing will allow you to present the issue before a hearing officer, who will make a ruling regarding your compensation claim. Either the claim denial will be affirmed, or the denial will be reversed and you will be granted compensation.

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At Shook & Stone, we believe that injured workers have the right to financial compensation. If you suffered an injury, contact us for the legal guidance that you need for a successful claim. The workers’ compensation process can be tedious and complex, but our lawyer shave the experience to help it move as efficiently as possible.

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