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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Was your Nevada work injury claim denied? Call Shook & Stone!

Nevada Workers' Compensation Benefits.

If you filed a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits after an on-the-job injury, but later found out that your claim was totally or partially denied, you have the ability to contest or appeal this denied before a hearings officer. The Las Vegas workers’ compensation lawyers at Shook & Stone are here to help you get the benefits you are entitled to.

Reasons your claim may have been denied:

  • Too much time passed before you filed
  • You did not report your injury to your employer in a timely fashion
  • The injury is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance
  • Your claimed injuries do not match up with medical records
  • You filed your claim incorrectly


Appealing a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim in Nevada

With workers’ compensation claims, the insurance company sends out determination letters throughout the course of the claim. Each determination letter must be appealed individually if you do not agree with the outcome. Potentially, your workers’ comp claim could involve a number of appeals and hearings.

All these determination letters and hearings are connected. Failure to appeal one determination letter at the beginning of your claim could impact all subsequent determination letters and your ability to file an appeal.

If you receive a determination letter at any point throughout the claims process that you do not agree with, you have the right to appeal but you only have 70 days to do this. In Nevada, all workers’ compensation appeals are handled through the Hearings Division, and you could lose your right to appeal if you wait too long (§ 616C.315). Click here to view the hearing request form.

Workers’ Compensation Denial & Appeal Statistics

  • According to the Nevada Department of Administration Hearings Division, in 2012, more than 10,000 cases were scheduled with the hearing officers in Las Vegas.
  • Denied claims and medical benefit disputes comprised 73% of these appeal hearings.
  • Only 11% of these hearings resulted in the hearing officer reversing the decision.
  • 5% of people filing for appeals represented themselves.
  • 2.3% of these cases make it all the way to the District Court.

Benefits of Retaining a Nevada Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were injured at the workplace, your physical recovery and even your financial future depend on getting the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. This is why having a confident workers’ compensation lawyer on your side is so valuable. If your claim was denied, contact Shook & Stone!

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