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The Dangers of New Auto Safety Technologies

The Dangers of New Auto Safety Technologies

The car industry is growing rapidly and so are the available safety features and technologies. But, can this be a problem for new car buyers? Research shows that many persons have voiced their confusion and overwhelming feelings regarding the massive amounts of safety technologies that are now available in vehicles.

Before, only high-end, more expensive models came with adaptive cruise control, tire pressure sensors, and rear-view cameras. Now, even base models of less expensive car brands have incorporated some of the following features:

  • Lane change monitors
  • Blind spot monitors
  • Drowsiness alerts
  • Self-parking technologies

How Can These Safety Feature Pose Dangers?

Members of the National Safety Council believe that although these features are designed to help drivers navigate and prevent drivers from being harmed in vehicle collisions, they can also create serious car accidents if drivers panic when unknown safety features activate.

Results from a study concluded roughly 40% of people reported their cars, trucks, or SUVs have behaved in unexpected ways at least one time. Many of the reporting drivers did not understand how adaptive cruise control worked even though that specific type of technology has been available in many vehicles for over a decade.

Additionally, research shows that the education provided in driving schools is about 15 years behind the latest vehicle technologies. This means that people are not receiving the instructions they need to operate their vehicle in safe and appropriate manners.

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