Samsung Tests Video Displays on the Backs of Trucks to Improve Safety

Samsung Tests Video Displays on the Backs of Trucks to Improve Safety

Samsung – the Korean based tech company – has been a leader in developing new technology to make our lives simpler. With their most recent efforts and reports that the company is looking to place video displays on the backs of commercial trucks, Samsung is also looking to make our lives safer.

Here is some information about the project:

  • Samsung has announced the development and testing of video displays attached to the rear of its commercial 18-wheelers and large trucks. The large four-screen display will show a view of the roadway in front of the truck from a wireless camera mounted to the tractor portion of the truck.
  • While the technology can be of benefit in all circumstances where commercial vehicles share the road with passenger cars, it was intended to particularly be of use on two-lane roads where impatient drivers attempt to overtake slow trucks.
  • Motorists driving behind trucks will have a real-time view of the roadway ahead. With the view, they will be better able to make informed decisions about when to pass a truck in an opposing lane of traffic.
  • Samsung also expects that the system can help reduce the number of accidents caused by sudden braking and driving maneuvers by the truck or vehicles in front.

At this time, Samsung’s “Safety Truck” is still only in the conceptual phase – though the technology already exists to make the company’s vision a reality. In order to gain approval on public roadways, however, the system will likely be put through numerous tests and will require approval from the federal government.

Having helped many victims and families harmed in auto accidents involving commercial trucks and two-lane roads, our legal team is well aware of the fact that a moment’s decision could have a life-altering impact. Samsung’s Safety Truck and other efforts to improve roadway safety are essential to helping reduce the risk of the poor and negligent decisions that can cause irreparable harm.

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