Henderson Man Killed by Rock Crusher

Henderson Man Killed by Rock Crusher

Henderson Man Killed by Rock Crusher -Tragic Loss Harry Kenneth Peterson III, Crushed in Work Related Incident.

Tragedy struck a local Henderson family last Friday when Las Vegas Paving Corporation employee, Harry Kenneth Peterson III, was killed by a rock-crushing machine at a local rock quarry. According to fire officials, crews were sent to the job site near Horizon Ridge Parkway and Viento Puntero Drive, where they learned the accident occurred when Peterson was caught in the equipment after it apparently had become jammed and Peterson was trying to fix it.

An investigation into the fatality is being administer by The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration this week, the agency said.

The general counsel for the company James Baker, declined to comment on the accident out of respect for the family and pending an ongoing OSHA investigation.

A Henderson police report released Wednesday morning contained no details about the incident, except to say it did not appear to be the result of a criminal act and that OSHA took over the investigation. The report identified Peterson as Kenneth Peterson.

Henderson has declined to provide reports associated with the Fire Department’s response, citing patient privacy.

Henderson Man killed by Rock Crusher

Our hearts go to the family of Mr. Peterson. May you endure this trying time with dignity and grace.

In Nevada, workers who are injured or killed can seek compensation for their injuries through the Nevada Industrial Injury Act. These workers’ compensation claims entitle workers to recover many benefits, including wage replacement, medical care, job retraining, and compensation for disabilities suffered as a result of the injury. Families of workers killed by an on-the-job accident are entitled to long term death benefits.

In addition to worker’s compensation benefits, injured workers may be entitled to recover from third parties for their negligence. For example, if a defective product or negligent driver causes the work injury, worker’s or their families may be entitled to additional compensation for pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, loss of consortium, and additional compensation that would not be available under Nevada’s worker’s compensation laws.