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Workers’ Compensation – When an injury at work occurs, you and your family may have many questions about what happens next.

  • How will you pay for your medical expenses?
  • How will you survive if you can’t work?
  • Will your injury require surgery or physical therapy?
  • Are you allowed to see a specialist or get a second opinion if needed?

Our workers’ compensation lawyers understand Nevada’s labor laws, and we know your concerns. Our firm has spent decades taking care of some of the most challenging workplace accident cases in Las Vegas and Reno, and we understand how the workers’ compensation system operates here.

Hopefully, you will find some answers to your questions below. However, even if you do, please contact us. Our goal is to personally explain things specific to your unique circumstances and answer any questions you might have about what happened. Case evaluation is free to contact us today.

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to those who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses.

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When is the Right Time to Hire A Work Comp Attorney?

Nobody thinks that being injured at work can happen to them, and while most know that workers’ compensation exists, most of us don’t know just how complicated and difficult it can be to get compensation benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Workers injured on the job are allowed to know their legal rights and responsibilities. They should also know the obligations of their boss and their company’s insurance carrier. But if you have been denied work comp or are facing a workers’ compensation appeal or hearing a lawyer can help you obtain the best outcome and the best settlement. Lost wages can ruin your life, you could loose your home, loose your car, and become financially ruined.

Workers need to be aware of their options, and hiring a workers comp attorney can help them navigate the claims process.

How Does Workers Compensation Work In Nevada?

If you are injured, you should inform your employer and seek medical treatment immediately. You must write a letter of what happened to your employer within seven days of your injury. If you have an illness, the clock begins when you discover that your time at work caused your illness.

Your employer can provide you with the following form to report your injury (Form C-1). If you delay giving notice to your employer or fail to provide notice at all, your workers’ compensation claim may be denied, hence the need to act quickly.

In an emergency, you can decide which doctor or hospital to go to for treatment. If your injuries are not urgent, you’ll have to follow the workers’ comp guidelines when deciding on a doctor.


In Nevada, employees don’t have as much freedom to choose their health care providers as in some other states. Suppose your employer has contracted with an Organization of Managed Care (MCO) or a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). In that case, you will probably need to select a doctor from an approved list provided by your employer.

If your employer isn’t connected to one of these networks, you may only choose a doctor from the state-issued list of approved medical providers called the Panel of Treating Physicians and Chiropractors.

At your first appointment, you should tell your doctor that your injuries are work-related. The doctor will need to complete a required form called “Employee’s Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment” (Form C-4) and deliver it to your employer within three days of your appointment. The employer’s insurance company may accept or deny your claim within 30 days after receiving your Form C-4.

Your workers’ compensation claim officially begins with the filing of Form C-4, which your employer must file within 90 days of your injury. If your medical provider doesn’t complete your Form C-4 at your initial visit, make sure to follow up with your doctor. If you miss this deadline, your workers’ compensation claim, and workers compensation benefits may be denied.

What Is The Value A Typical Workers' Compensation Settlement?

On top of having your medical bills paid for all reasonable and necessary treatments, you are eligible to obtain temporary disability payments and permanent disability rewards.

Temporary Disability

While you are temporarily disabled and can’t work, you will be allowed to receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. TTD payments are two-thirds of your average monthly wages, up to a maximum of $4,183.82 per month (as of July 1, 2020).

You can continue to receive TTD until your doctor decides that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Essentially, your condition has recovered as far as possible and won’t likely improve in the next year.

Assuming that you can return to part-time or modified work while you’re recovering, you may then be qualified for temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits.

TPD benefits are available for workers to ensure they receive at least what they would receive under TTD. These benefits are available to you for up to two years.

Permanent Disability

Should you be found to be totally and permanently disabled, this is known as permanent total disability (PTD). Under this condition, you will receive two-thirds of your average monthly wages for as long as your PTD status remains.

Specific injuries, such as total blindness or amputation of both legs, are so severe that they are considered PTDs. Other injuries may also qualify, but the worker must be unable to obtain gainful employment in general.

Partial disability

For permanent partial disability (PPD), your doctor will look at your condition and assign a percentage value to your overall impairment, from 1% to 100% (known as an Impairment Rating). For injuries on January 1, 2000, (per NRS 616C.490.7(d)) and later, for 1% of your Impairment Rating, you will receive 0.6% of your average monthly wage.

You will continue to receive monthly PPD payments until the age of 70. However, employees older than 65 will generally receive payments for five years, regardless of whether they exceed age 70 in that time.

Can I Appeal A Decision Of The Nevada Department Of Administration's Hearing Officer?

If the injured worker, employer or insurer, disagrees with the Hearing Officer decision, they may appeal the decision with the Appeals Officer.

To appeal the Hearing Officer decision, you should complete a “Notice of Appeal and Request for Hearing Before the Appeals Officer” form and hand it in with the Hearings Division within 30 days for an injured worker. If the form is not included with the decision, it can be downloaded here.

Appeals files are maintained separately from Hearing Officer files. You must file all evidence submitted for an appeal hearing separately from the Hearing Officer proceeding.

Should an Appeals Officer Decision result in denial, you may also appeal that decision. Workers’ compensation matters are appealable to the District Court.

Work Injury

What Are My Chances Of Winning An Appeal Fair?

If the Appeals Officer’s decision was not suitable, you might file a Nevada district court petition. You can prepare and file a Petition for Judicial Review with the District Court within 30 days of the Appeals Officer’s decision.

Complicated procedural rules apply to any case brought in civil court, including appeals of workers’ compensation denials. If you haven’t already, you should consult with one of our work comp attorneys before filing an appeal in court.

At Shook & Stone, our legal team is constantly remembered for our service, the support we give, and the results we obtain. By focusing on our clients, we make their needs our top priority. Talk to a comp lawyer today.

Voted Best Workers' Compensation Attorney in Las Vegas 2020

The workers’ compensation claims process is rife with legal complexities, regulations, and often overwhelming guidelines. While you should focus on your recovery, our workers’ compensation attorneys know that legal matters can create unwelcome burdens.

To relieve stress and ensure that you will be fairly compensated, a patient and experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney from Shook & Stone can evaluate your case and our lawyers for workers compensation are steeped in work comp knowledge. Our Attorneys for workers compensation have a 125 years of combined experience. So if you have suffered a workplace injury, Shook & Stone is the best place to get the legal representation you need for a work comp case in Las Vegas or Reno Nevada.

We can determine how much you are entitled to and handle all the necessary legal work on your behalf:

  • Harmful exposure diseases
  • Utility worker asbestos
  • Machinery accidents
  • Heavy lifting injuries
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Exposure to chemicals or fumes
  • On the Job Accidents
Best Workers' Comp Attorney in Las Vegas

For Over 25 Years We've Been Batting For Nevada Residents Who Were Injured At Work

No matter where you are in your workers’ compensation process, perhaps you just suffered a broken arm while working yesterday or have been suffering from work-related respiratory conditions for years. Maybe you are struggling with all the forms involved in a workers’ compensation claim.

Even if you are unsure about whether your injury is from a job accident, a mundane work task, or perhaps some form of harmful exposure that workers can face.

With more than 25 years of total legal experience, we have successfully recovered more than $500 million for our clients since 1997. We at Shook & Stone are confident and prepared to handle your workers’ compensation claim.

We will investigate your work-related injury for free and advise you on the wisest plan of action for both your legal and medical wellbeing.

Call A Relentless Workers' Compensation Lawyer To Help With Your Benefits

We make a serious commitment to each client we take on, tackling every injured employee case with the care and diligence you deserve. Our goal is to do whatever needs to be done, so you can benefit from a complete physical and financial recovery and get your life back.

We also know that Nevada residents are loyal employees who prefer not to come across as problematic for their employers; Especially, if they’ve been working for the same company for years or have a personal relationship with their bosses, such as friends or family members.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Nevada workers’ compensation provides the following benefits, including:

  • Medical benefits: work comp will pay for all reasonable treatment for a work-related injury or illness.
  • Millage Reimbursement: work comp will reimburse any millage to and from doctors visits or treatment including physical therapy for the workplace injury.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: work comp will pay for any vocational rehabilitation related to your work injury.
  • Death Benefits: workers comp will pay for death benefits and funeral expenses related to a catastrophic work place injury.

Union Member, City Worker, Or State Employee?
We Know Labor And Civil Service Law Front To Back

We are also highly experienced in representing union employees’ workplace injuries; the same applies to injured civil servant, state, and city/municipal employees.

Should you be involved in a third-party workplace injury where a non-job-related factor is concerned, recognizing, a workers’ compensation claim can become even more complicated.

Therefore, if you were injured at work, call Shook & Stone today at

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There is no obligation, and every discussion is personalized and confidential.

The hard-working people of Nevada have been counting on us for over 25 years to fight for their rights. Therefore, you can too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work while collecting workers' compensation

No, if you are working while claiming to be to injured to work you could maybe accused of fraud, fined, and ordered to pay restitution.

Does Child Support Stop Because I am on Workers' Compensation?

No, child support payments ordered by a court will still be deducted from your workers' compensation payment.

What is an FCE Test

A Functional Capacity Evaluation FCE test is taken by any injured employee in a workers' compensation case and order by the physician treating the patient. This test may also be order by an insurance adjuster, lawyer, or the employer. This test evaluates the the workers physical abilities and any limitations to judge whether you can perform your normal duties.