Another Pedestrian Death Prompts LVPD to Discuss Ideas for Traffic Safety

Another Pedestrian Death Prompts LVPD to Discuss Ideas for Traffic Safety

The Las Vegas Valley just had its 94th traffic-related death this year. Last night a driver who was neither impaired nor speeding hit and killed a pedestrian while she was crossing the street. Yesterday’s fatal traffic accident prompted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to hold a meeting on what they can do to increase safety awareness and decrease the number of overall traffic-related deaths, but according to police, they’re running out of ideas.

Rise in Traffic Deaths in Las Vegas

Traffic deaths, particularly those involving pedestrians, are happening at an increasingly high rate in the Las Vegas metro area. Nevada statistically is in the top ten states across United States as far as traffic accidents are concerned. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, nearly half of all fatal crashes in the state take place in the Las Vegas Metro area.

The DOT also reports that about 17 percent of pedestrian accidents are caused by pedestrians crossing the street improperly, which could include jaywalking or crossing when the motor vehicles have the right-of-way.

Another nine percent of pedestrian accidents are caused by pedestrians “darting” into the roadway. This still only accounts for about 26 percent of all pedestrian accidents.

According to Sergeant Richard Strader, one of the biggest mistakes pedestrians can make is thinking “It won’t happen to me.” Police encourage all pedestrians and drivers to constantly be on guard.

One idea currently on the table to decrease pedestrian traffic accidents is to crack down on jaywalkers by issuing more tickets to discourage this dangerous practice.

Know the Basics of Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety is extremely important and should be taken seriously. It is up to both drivers and pedestrians to do their part in making sure everyone gets home safely. Here are some tips for pedestrians:

• Always cross the street at designated crosswalks or intersections, if possible.

• Look both ways before crossing the street; check for oncoming traffic and obey all traffic signals and signs.

• Be visible: wear bright clothing or reflective gear when walking at night.

• Don’t assume drivers will stop; make sure they see you before crossing the street.

• If a sidewalk is not available, walk on the shoulder facing traffic so vehicles can be seen.

Besides, drivers should also be aware of pedestrians and follow all traffic signals and laws; they should always be on the lookout and watch their speed.

Drive Safely to avoid Pedestrian Accident

  • Always be alert and keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic.
  • Obey traffic signals and speed limit, especially those that indicate pedestrian crossings.
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as this greatly impairs your ability to react and make safe decisions. Distracted driving or drunk driving may lead to motor vehicle crashes and property damage, which can cause legal troubles.
  • Reduce your speed in residential areas and in school zones, where children are often present.

Shook & Stone : Your Safety Advocates

The number of traffic-related deaths in Las Vegas has increased in recent years, and it is up to all drivers and pedestrians to do their part in ensuring everyone’s safety by following all traffic laws and signals. Police are doing what they can to increase awareness about pedestrian safety, but it is also up to citizens to be aware and take responsibility for their actions.

Shook & Stone represents pedestrian and traffic accident victims, but we are also passionate about doing our part to prevent them. Our “Street Safe” program is just one example. To learn more about what our firm is doing to keep our community safe, contact one of the best Las Vegas personal injury lawyers by calling (702) 570-0000 for a free case evaluation.