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5 More Mistakes to Avoid After an Auto Accident

Car Accidetn

In the first part of this blog series, we named five of the most common mistakes people make after being involved in an auto accident. These mistakes included:

  • Not calling the police
  • Forgetting to exchange information
  • Not getting medical attention
  • Not gathering evidence
  • Trusting insurance companies

By avoiding these five common mistakes alone, car accident victims can better protect their rights and their chances of filing a successful personal injury claim. Still, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made, and our Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Shook & Stone want to make sure you have the information to avoid the errors that can have the largest impact on your potential cases.

Here are 5 more mistakes to avoid after a traffic accident:

  • Not following up on medical treatment – After an accident, it’s important to seek medical attention, even if you don’t feel pain right away. When you do feel pain, it’s even more important to your health and your case to continue seeing a doctor until the issue is resolved.
  • Not filing a claim in time – Personal injury lawsuits have time restrictions, and waiting too long to file a claim after an accident can prevent you from making a case at all. Waiting too long can also jeopardize the strength of any evidence that can be used in your favor during your case. Our firm offers free case evaluations so that auto accident victims don’t have to make any obligations when seeking legal help as soon as possible after their accident.
  • Not learning about your legal rights – As a victim of an auto accident, you need to learn about your legal rights. You can find a great deal about auto accidents and personal injury claims on our website, but the best way to get personalized information that relates to your unique situation is to reach out to an attorney at our firm.
  • Accepting a settlement offer too soon – Like we’ve said, insurance companies are in business to get paid, not pay victims. Don’t trust that the insurance company will fairly compensate you and never accept a settlement offer too quickly, or without consulting an experienced legal representative.
  • Not consulting a lawyer – Not consulting an attorney and attempting to handle a claim alone are perhaps the most risky mistakes a person can make after an auto accident. At Shook & Stone, our lawyers have helped numerous car accident victims and families throughout the years. We are familiar with these claims and know how to handle insurance companies because we do it every day. We use this experience to help our clients through tough times and to help them secure the compensation they deserve.

Keeping these common mistakes in mind is important after any type of auto accident. As accidents can be frightening and overwhelming experiences, it’s understandable that it may be difficult to remember or practice all of these tips. To ensure that you make the right choices, you can call our experienced attorneys to discuss your case, your rights, and how we can help.


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