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Appealing Your SSD Claim

Denied benefits? Don’t lose hope!

Having a Social Security disability claim denied is never easy. If you were denied benefits, you probably feel confused, angry, and upset after being denied the payment you and your family need. Remember this: a denied claim doesn’t mean that the SSD process is over. There is still hope. To learn more about your options after a denied SSD claim, contact the Social Security disability lawyers from Shook & Stone.

The Disability Appeals Process

Once your disability claim has been denied, you have one of two options: file in person or file online. Online appeals are completed through the Social Security Administration’s website and are somewhat less effective considering the general lack of personal guidance or face-to-face communication. By filing in person, you may submit your appeal forms directly to the court and you have the option to request a face-to-face review with someone from the Appeals office.

In order to file for an appeal, you must complete and submit certain paperwork for each of four possible steps in the appeals process. The first step is to file for reconsideration, which requires a Request for Reconsideration (SSA-561) as well as an Appeal Disability Report (SSA-3441). After submitting these forms to your local Social Security office, your request will be reviewed along with your medical records and a determination will be made by a different person than before.

If you are still unhappy with the determination, you may file a Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge (HA-501) and an Appeal Disability Report to review your denial face-to-face with a judge before another determination is made. Another denial can then be appealed by completing a Request for Review of Decision/Order of Administrative Law Judge (HA-520), which can be done on the internet or by submitting the paperwork to the local Social Security office.

Why hire an SSD attorney for an appeal?

We handle SSD claims and appeals in Las Vegas. If you were denied the benefits that you need, contact our office today for a consultation. If you request a hearing and are still denied benefits, an attorney can help you file a District Court cases. A skilled lawyer can help you establish a strong case for the benefits that you deserve.

After you file, a judge will hear your case, allowing your lawyer to fight on your side to prove your eligibility for SSD benefits. If you are in need of an SSD lawyer, especially for this last step, contact the offices of Shook & Stone right away to review your case with a qualified SSD attorney.

Our legal team has over eight decades of collective experience and could skillfully fight to win the benefits you need. Call today to schedule your free consultation!