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Were you injured riding an all-terrain vehicle?

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are a type of recreational vehicle with three or four wheels. These vehicles, as the name implies, can be operated on nearly any type of surface such as dirt or grass. If you were injured in an ATV accident, you may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

Shook & Stone Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can evaluate your case to determine if you are able to file a claim on the grounds of negligence or product liability.

ATV Safety Rules in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, ATV operators must receive a certificate of operation to drive an ATV on highways. Also, riders operating ATVs on highways must wear a helmet and/or eye protection. If the vehicle is specifically designated as an off-highway vehicle, and most ATVs are, drivers are not permitted to operate them on public streets or highways. According to the state of Nevada, “Any motorized vehicle which does not have the normal safety equipment such as lights and mirrors or is not built to federal vehicle standards is an off-highway vehicle and is restricted to off-highway use only.”

Some states have minimum age requirements for ATV operation, but the state of Nevada does not. As of July 2012, all off-highway vehicles (OHVs) must be registered. This registration must be displayed in the form of a decal on the ATV. Visit the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles to learn more about registering OHVs. You can also visit the Nevada Revised Statutes § 490.090 for OHV rules of operation.

It is important for all riders to abide by the Nevada ATV rules of operation for numerous reasons. The primary reason is to prevent avoidable accidents. Also, if a rider is injured while operating an ATV and they were not abiding by all of the necessary safety regulations, then they may be considered partially or totally liable for the accident.

Our Las Vegas ATV Accident Legal Team

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ATV Accidents & Recalls

While many ATV accidents are caused by negligent operators (of OHVs or passenger vehicles), they can also be caused by defects in the manufacturing or design of the vehicle.

For this reason, ATV accidents can be an issue of product liability. For example, Honda recently issued a recall of their FourTrax ATVs due to a crash hazard.

With this particular make and model of ATV, a weld on the front right and left suspension arms can separate, causing a loss of control of the vehicle. For a complete list of recent ATV recalls and consumer information, visit ATVSafety.gov.

Contacting a Nevada Accident Attorney

Were you injured in an accident while riding an all-terrain vehicle? Contact a Nevada accident lawyer at Shook & Stone. Our law firm is passionate about representing victims of recreational accidents such as this. Many people who live in or near Las Vegas as well as people traveling from other states visit popular ATV dunes and trails such as Amargosa Dunes, Boulder Hills and Chief Mountain Area.

When outdoor recreation leads to serious accidents, it is essential that you first seek medical attention and then speak with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer from our firm. We can evaluate your case and determine if you are entitled to a claim.

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