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Personal Injury Calculator

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If you have been injured in accident and are looking for a fair settlement. You maybe wondering what a good number to start with is or what you may looking at in terms of compensation for your injuries. We have put together a calculator to do just that. This covers all personal injury including car accidents, slip and falls, and more.

Disclaimer: This calculator does not constitute legal advice. These calculations are only for instructional purposes. If you have been injured in an accident consult with a personal injury attorney first.

Enter only numbers, no commas, no decimals, no $ signs.

Personal Injury Calculator
Enter the totals of all medical bills as a result of the accident you have incurred so far.
Enter any property damage that was a result of the accident to your vehicle, or other property involved.
Enter your total earnings lost to up to this point which was caused by the accident.
Enter any future lost income due to the accident. If you will be out of work for a set amount.
Enter your future medical expenses. These expenses will cover future surgeries, medical supplies, appointments, including getting to and from the doctors.
The best way to describe this is on a scale from 1.5 – 5 with 1.5 being the lowest pain and 5 being constant pain or life debilitating.

Confirm with a Lawyer

Calculating a settlement amount for personal injury claims is complex, and this calculation is only the beginning. To ensure you’re getting what’s deserved from your case, discuss with an attorney all of its particulars prior to making any demands.

If you live in Nevada then contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Shook & Stone for proper legal representation.

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