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A mass tort is a kind of personal injury lawsuit in which a group of plaintiffs sues a person or entity, such as the manufacturer of a defective medical device or drug, for negligence that has caused them all a similar illness or injury. The lawsuit may proceed in a civil court if it can be determined that the defendant’s defective product or drug caused widespread harm. 

Mass tort lawsuits are every dubious corporation’s worst nightmare. They cause bad PR, a subsequent loss of business, and forced accountability. Litigating these cases isn’t just about obtaining compensation — it’s about demanding amends for irresponsible behavior and negligence. It’s no easy feat to take on these high-profile tort cases and go up against corporate giants, but our Nevada mass tort lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to succeed. 

While we know we can’t restore the damage your body has sustained, we strongly believe that you have a right to compensation for your injuries. We’re confident in our abilities to get you the money you deserve for your losses, and we’ll stop at nothing to achieve justice on your behalf. Our mass tort lawyers serve Reno, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. Learn more below about mass tort lawsuits and what kinds of cases we can help with.

The Benefits of Joining a Mass Tort Lawsuit

If you’ve been the victim of a harmful drug or a defective product on store shelves, you’re probably not alone. For instance, if you contracted E. coli from supermarket romaine lettuce, every other shopper who purchased and ate this lettuce probably got sick, too. Instead of taking on your own case, you can team up with the many others affected to build a rock-solid case against the defendant. 

Mass torts streamline the legal process and make it more likely that you’ll be compensated for your injuries, suffering, and medical bills. It makes sense to join a mass tort if you live near others who have similar injuries from the same source. These are the primary prerequisites that Nevada courts need to grant permission for a mass tort lawsuit. Consult with our Las Vegas mass tort lawyers today to find out if you qualify to join.

The Types of Torts We Help With

Mass torts can be difficult to manage because of how many plaintiffs are or can become involved. Shook & Stone has the experience and expertise to handle these large-scale cases taken up against notable names under all of the following categories:

Defective products: A tort based on a dangerous product, such as a defective medical device, pharmaceutical product, or automobile that has caused injury or death

Toxic torts: A tort based on a group of people’s exposure to toxic pesticides, asbestos, and other pollutants and gases

Disaster torts: A tort based on injuries and deaths as a result of a significant disaster, such as a chemical spill, plane accident, bridge collapse, etc.

Below are some of the toxic and defective product torts we can litigate.

Hernia Mesh Mass Tort Class Action

Hernia Mesh

A hernia is a painful injury caused by the penetration of an internal organ through the cavity that contains it. This condition usually requires surgery. Until recently, synthetic hernia mesh, or a sheet of woven plastic threads, was commonly used to support the affected area.

The mesh was found to be defective after patients started to report accounts of the mesh balling up, moving away from the injured area, or simply not working. This led to a need for follow-up treatment and even additional surgeries. Today’s lawsuits are based on hernia mesh manufacturers knowing that these products were defective but not telling doctors or patients.

Hip Replacement Law Suit

Hip Replacements

Hip replacements are among the top most common joint replacement operations in the country. Tens of thousands of lawsuits have been brought up against the manufacturers of defective hip implants, particularly the metal ones that cause metallosis. These implants were made to be longer-lasting, but they shed cobalt and other metals into the body, thereby damaging the muscles, bones, and other tissues. 

Those with defective metal hip implants have needed second surgeries as a result of these manufacturers’ failure to disclose the side effects of their implants. As of summer 2019, there were still 14,000 unresolved lawsuits regarding metal-on-metal hip replacements.

Ivc Filter Lawsuit

IVC Filters

For people who are prone to blood clots, IVC (inferior vena cava) filters seemed like a breakthrough — that is, until the devices proved to be defective and dangerous. More specifically, the ones manufactured by C.R. Bard and Cook were reported to perforate the IVC, the largest vein in the body, and other vital organs. These devices either broke or migrated after implantation in many patients, causing damaged vessels and organs and even death in some cases. 

Today’s IVC filter lawsuits are based on the failure of the manufacturer to warn patients of the risks associated with their filters.

Ability Lawsuit


Abilify is an antipsychotic prescription medication that targets schizophrenia. But in treating one psychological problem, it creates another. There are countless reports of Abilify causing compulsions to engage in gambling, sexual activity, shopping, eating, video gaming, and even suicide. It is also reported to cause dyskinesia, a condition that causes involuntary movements. 

Current lawsuits are a result of the failure of drug manufacturers like Bristol-Myers Squibb to warn patients and their doctors of these destructive side effects.

Weed Killer Lawsuit


Roundup is a weed-killing product with an active ingredient called glyphosate. The World Health Organization has identified this substance as a likely carcinogen. Many of those who regularly use this product in commercial and residential settings have developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma — a form of cancer. 

The company responsible is being sued by thousands for failing to add the cancer risk to its warning label and continuing to sell the product anyway.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder once saw widespread use as a personal hygiene and chafing prevention product. The substance is a known cause of ovarian cancer and mesothelioma, and companies like Johnson & Johnson have known about this link for decades. 

Even so, they have continued to sell the powder without warning about its effects. Shook & Stone is demanding justice for those who regularly used talcum powders in the past and developed reproductive or lung problems as a result.


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If you’re ready to demand full damages for an illness or injury caused by a medical device or drug, our Nevada mass tort attorneys need a full understanding of the physical and financial effects of the injury. Call us today to discuss your case and get back on your feet.

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