Why All Brain Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

Why All Brain Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

Brain injuries generally involve some form of trauma to the brain, which is typically caused by a sudden blow or impact to the head. These injuries can be caused by a vast range of incidents, such as car accidents, falls, or acts of violence. It is even possible for an individual to sustain a brain injury as a result of severe whiplash, causing the brain to aggressively shake within the skull, and ultimately resulting in a brain injury despite the absence of a direct impact to the head. Regardless of how you suffer this injury, however, it should always be taken seriously and be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Below is a list of some reasons why it is imperative for all brain injuries to be treated seriously:

  • Minor injuries can turn out to be quite serious: It is not uncommon for a brain injury to seem minor or insignificant, especially since many of them often do not produce symptoms in the immediate aftermath. However, while an injured person might feel fine, trouble could be brewing beneath the skull in the form of a brain bleed. When this problem is left unaddressed, it can quickly progress and cause pressure to build beneath the skull and the brain to swell, which can be potentially fatal. Always err on the side of caution and seek medical attention to protect your health and wellbeing.
  • Symptoms are not the only indicators of an injury: If a person feels lucid and normal after sustaining a brain injury, or little to no pain, they might not feel terribly include to treat the injury seriously. Unfortunately, the only way to know for certain if you are okay is to have a medical professional run diagnostic tests to rule out serious issues, such as brain hemorrhaging. Never assume you are fine.
  • External injuries should not dictate whether or not you see a doctor: Regardless if you suffered an external injury, such as a cut, bruise, or fracture, you should still seek medical attention. Oftentimes, people only think there is cause for concern if they can see a visible injury. Whether or not you are bleeding, however, should not be your impetus for seeking medical care.

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