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What you need to know about Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters


By: Kevin Kampschror, Esq.

Everyone knows that doctors and lawyers have to go through extensive schooling and training. Everyone also generally knows that cosmetologists and nail technicians also need to obtain licensing in order to practice.

What everyone does not know is that there is no licensing requirement for workers’ compensation adjusters in Nevada. There is no requirement from the State of Nevada that a Workers’ Compensation adjuster have any certain level of education, obtain any license of any kind, or take any test. There is also no requirement that the Workers Compensation adjuster do any continuing education of any kind.

This topic is quite out of sight out of mind. The reason is if you have not been injured at work and have never had to rely on a Workers’ Compensation adjuster to approve/deny medical treatment or compensation, you would have no way of encountering this potential problem. If you have been injured at work, you likely do not know this about Workers’ Compensation adjusters as they are making life-altering decisions about your health, finances, family, and well-being.

By no means are all Workers’ Compensation adjusters uneducated, inexperienced, or incompetent, but it seems quite odd that someone who would give manicures and pedicures requires a license by the State of Nevada, but an adjuster making life decisions affecting an injured workers is not held to that same level of scrutiny.

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