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What is the Disability Reconsideration Appeal?

What is the Disability Reconsideration Appeal?

After a person is denied access to social security disability benefits or an SSI disability claim, they have the right to appeal the decision. The first level of appeal is referred to as the disability reconsideration. After this type of appeal has been filed, the social security disability administration will examine your second disability claim to determine whether the decision for your first application was justly made.

How Often are Reconsiderations Denied?

In many cases, people who file reconsideration appeals are denied for the second time. In fact, federal statistics indicate the average national rate of denial for reconsideration requests is about 87%. Because many initial social security disability applications and reconsideration applications are denied, many people trying to obtain benefits find it useful to hire an experienced lawyer who can gather the following to strengthen their cases:

  • Medical records
  • Evidence to prove difficult fulfill everyday duties
  • Witness claims
  • Recommendations from healthcare professionals

In addition, a skilled attorney can provide relentless representation during a social disability claim case.

Shook & Stone Can Help Safeguard Your Future

Our Las Vegas Social Security disability attorneys at Shook & Stone understand various injuries can make the most essential everyday activities difficult or impossible. For nearly two decades, our team has stood by the sides of those denied access to SSD benefits in order to protect their futures. That is why when you choose to work with our team, you can rest easily knowing an aggressive team will examine your circumstances, gather the necessary tools to strengthen your case, and fight for your future both inside and outside the courtroom.

When you need powerhouse representation on your side, call our Las Vegas Social Security disability benefit lawyers right away! You won’t pay a single dollar unless we win your case!