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Social Security Disability

Social Security is a government program that allows people who are unable to work for 1 year or more to receive benefits to support themselves. It requires workers to have paid into the system. In certain situations, they may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits, even if they haven’t met the required number of quarters paying into the system. Ultimately, a lot of Social Security Disability claims are denied at the initial stages. That’s where we can help. By gathering together medical records, by getting the appropriate evaluations, and by presenting the best possible case to the administrative law judge, we are able to reverse claim denials and get the benefits people need. We have attorneys at our firm that specialize in the area of Social Security Disability claims. They handle SSDI and SSI claims. These include cases where people have paid into the system, and a welfare-based system. Our attorneys are experts in both types of benefits, including benefits that concern minor children and widows. Here at Shook & Stone, we have a number of employees on staff that previously worked for the Social Security Administration, that spent decades working for the administration. They understand the bureaucracy of the system and they know how to strengthen claims so that they get approved and are not denied. We think that makes us extremely powerful in this particular area of law.


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