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Safety Tips for Las Vegas Pedestrians

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 35 pedestrians were killed and countless more injured in Nevada motor-vehicle accidents in 2009. The combination of Nevada weather and easy access to casinos, restaurants and retail shops, especially on the Strip, make Las Vegas an ideal walking city. Although walking is a very healthy means of transportation, it can also be dangerous when people don’t follow the proper safety guidelines.

Many motorists do not pay attention to pedestrian traffic, whether they are intoxicated, distracted, or simply just not following Nevada traffic laws. Driver negligence is the most common cause of Las Vegas pedestrian accidents, but it is still the responsibility of pedestrians to do what they can to stay safe. Consistently following some basic safety tips can be invaluable in preventing Nevada pedestrian accidents:

  • Walk on the sidewalk or, as close as possible to the left side of the street and facing traffic if there is no sidewalk.
  • Cross the street only at intersections or street corners.
  • Always use painted crosswalks when available.
  • Never run into the road and always stop before crossing the street.
  • Look for approaching cars entering or exiting before crossing a driveway.
  • Make sure traffic has come to a complete stop before crossing the street.
  • Obey and be attentive to all traffic signals.
  • Look both ways, in a left-right-left pattern before crossing any street.
  • Pay attention to turning traffic, especially on a red light.
  • Wear highly visible or bright-colored clothing when walking at night, even on the Las Vegas Strip.

Unfortunately, negligent drivers are still a threat to Nevada pedestrians, even if they always follow safe and lawful walking practices. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Nevada pedestrian traffic accident that was caused by the actions of a negligent driver, the skilled Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorneys at Shook & Stone can help you seek compensation for losses such as medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Contact us today at 702-570-0000 to talk to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers about your potential claim.