Riding Motorcycles Safely in Nevada

At Shook & Stone, our personal injury attorneys have experience helping motorcycle accident victims and their loved ones after they suffer losses in auto accidents that were not their fault. Having handled many of these cases, we also know that motorcycle riders and other motorists can help reduce risks by making safety a priority. Below are a few helpful tips.

For Riders

  • Work on Your Skills – Being proficient at riding is a crucial part of staying safe when on your motorcycle. Consider taking a motorcycle safety course if you haven’t done so already. These classes teach crucial skills, including defensive riding. You can also work on becoming comfortable with your bike on closed sections of roadways or parking lots.
  • Wear Protective Gear – Motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable, so every bit of protective gear helps. Invest in quality gear, including tall over-the-ankle boots, gloves, pants, and jackets. Of course, you should always wear a DOT approved helmet. In Nevada, it’s the law.
  • Be Prepared – Be prepared every time you ride by doing a quick walk around to ensure your lights, signals, and horns are working, and take the time to check weather conditions. You can also inspect your tires and other parts of the bike for potential dangers. When taking your motorcycle out after a long period of not using it, it is also advised that you give your bike a more in-depth checkup.
  • Be Defensive – Drivers in passenger vehicles are often at fault for causing motorcycle accidents. As such, you should always be vigilant of other motor vehicles when on the road. Keep an eye out for nearby vehicles, use your signals, watch for lane changes, and avoid tailgating.
  • Ride Sober – Statistics show that many motorcycle accidents involve riders who were under the influence. Protect yourself and others by riding sober.
  • Know What to Avoid – When riding your motorcycle, avoid lane splitting, riding in the blind spots of other motorists, and weaving in and out of traffic. This will help ensure that you remain visible to others and reduce your chances of a preventable collision.

For Motorists

  • Be Aware – Motorcycles are much smaller than passenger vehicles, which can make them difficult to see in certain situations. Because of this, drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, especially at intersections, when pulling into traffic, or when changing lanes. Avoid distractions, and make sure to look twice. As motorcycles often have loud exhaust systems, you can make efforts to keep an ear out for approaching riders.
  • Share the Road – When driving near or passing motorcycle riders, be sure to allow enough room on either side and pass only when it is safe. Avoid tailgating and give plenty of space when following a rider.

These tips aren’t always enough to prevent a serious motorcycle injury accident, unfortunately. If you have been injured in a Nevada motorcycle crash caused by a negligent driver, the skilled Las Vegas injury attorneys at Shook & Stone can inform you of your legal rights and help you pursue compensation for the losses and damages you’ve suffered. Call one of our Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyers today for a free consultation at 702-570-0000.


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