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Pest Control Worker Gravely Injured After Pit Bull Attack


Shook & Stone is currently representing a pest control worker who nearly lost his hands in a pit bull attack. Scott Fieger had been a pest control worker for more than 25 years when the on-the-job attack occurred in a North Las Vegas backyard.

Fieger arrived at the residential home to spray the premises as he had been hired to do. After seeing that the gate was unlocked and not hearing any barking, he proceeded into the yard to complete his job. It was there that he met with two aggressive, loose pit bulls who began viciously attacking him. The mauling went on for a long time before he was somehow able to make it back out of the yard, locking the gate behind him.

After the attack, Mr. Fieger recalls seeing the dogs “drenched” in his blood. He said he is traumatized by this incident and that, as far as he is aware, the dogs’ owners are not cooperating. Animal control has taken possession of the two pit bulls and are investigating the case. The owners may face criminal liability for the attack under NRS 202.500.

Fieger needed between 700 and 800 stitches and suffered ripped tendons and shattered bones. It will be about four to six weeks before doctors will know if he will ever regain full use of his hands.

We at Shook & Stone are working hard to protect the rights of Mr. Fieger and bring him the compensation he needs to make a full recovery. A GoFundMe account has been started to raise money for Mr. Fieger’s recovery. Please follow the link to make a donation.

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According to Nevada state law, it is illegal to own, keep, or transfer ownership of a “vicious” dog, which is defined as a dog which injures or kills a person without provocation. Dog bite victims are encouraged to get in touch with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer to learn more about their rights and whether they are entitled to compensation. To set up a free case evaluation, call Shook & Stone at (702) 996-6066.

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