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How do Personal Injury Attorneys Benefit Society? | Aden Savett

By pursuing claims against companies on behalf of individuals, personal injury lawyers play an important role in leading initiatives to improve consumer and worker safety. Whether it be restaurants that fail to clean up spills, pharmaceutical companies that produce hazardous medicines, or manufacturers that allow unsafe conditions to exist in the workplace, plaintiff’s attorneys are in an unrivaled position to hold businesses accountable for their wrongdoing and force them to improve the safety of their premises and products.

When the businesses’ wrongful conduct is widespread, attorneys can pursue class-action lawsuits on behalf of many individuals. Class-action cases have the effect of bringing negative publicity to businesses, often causing businesses to agree to improve the safety of their products or take the product off the market entirely.

It is important for me to promote safety in my community whenever possible. As a teenager and new driver, I take care to obey posted speed limits, be home by curfew, and take only the number of passengers allowed. I encourage my friends to do the same – not only because people are safer in those circumstances, but also because car insurance, which is already extremely expensive for teens, can increase even more in the event of a traffic violation. If I was shopping at a store and saw a tripping hazard like a curled-up floormat, I would either try to fix it myself or notify an employee so that no one falls and becomes injured. As a cashier at a local supermarket, if I saw an unsafework condition I would let my supervisor know and ask her to have it changed orfixed. Individually, it is important to be proactive in promoting safety in everydaylife. However, not all hazards in conditions and products are apparent. When they are not and injuries result, personal injury lawyers are often able to recover compensation for those who are harmed and have businesses enact safer practices.

Aden Savett
Cherry Hill High School East, Cherry Hill, NJ – graduating June 2019
Intending to study at Rutgers University Fall 2019

Aden Savett was awarded the Shook and Stone Scholarship for his article.

Aden Savett Shook &Amp; Stone Scholarship Winner
Aden Savett Shook & Stone Scholarship Winner

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