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Exploring Slip and Fall Personal Injury Cases

Exploring Slip and Fall Personal Injury Cases

Slip and fall incidents are a specific category within personal injury law. These cases start with a meticulous investigation spearheaded by the plaintiff’s lawyer, often progressing to settlement talks. Some are wrapped up swiftly, but others might venture into litigation.

The Widespread Impact

These accidents are far from rare. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) has documented that such mishaps account for over 8 million emergency room visits yearly. The gravity is further underscored by the National Safety Council (NSC), which disclosed that in 2016, 34,000 individuals met untimely ends from falls at home or work.

https://www.nsc.org/Adding perspective, the U.S. Census Bureau has highlighted that about 10,000 baby boomers are entering retirement each day. With an aging population, falls, particularly at home, are rising. In 2014, the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts reported that 38,300,000 individuals required medical attention due to unintended injuries, and 1,930,000 occurred in the domestic setting. Shockingly, 63,000 Americans succumbed to their injuries within the confines of their own homes. The economic burden is immense, too, with the estimated cost for unintentional injuries in 2012 reaching a whopping $793.8 billion; of this, $220.3 billion was attributed to incidents at home.

Furthermore, there’s a discernible spike in accidental falls among the senior population. A concerning 38% upswing has been noted for individuals aged 65 and above. To put numbers behind this trend, while 16,400 senior citizens died from unintentional falls in 2005, this figure climbed to 23,100 in 2014 and further surged to 28,487 by 2017.

It’s pivotal to grasp the intricacies of a slip-and-fall case to ensure one’s rights are preserved post-injury.

Stages of a Slip and Fall Case:

  • Beginning with Investigation: The plaintiff’s lawyer leads this phase, delving deep into the details of the incident and its aftermath.
  • Treading through Settlement Talks: Although settlements might seem straightforward, reaching a consensus often necessitates complex negotiations.
  • Progressing to Litigation: If negotiations stagnate or fail, the next recourse is the court of law.

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