Elderly Woman Killed in East Valley Intersection Crash

Elderly Woman Killed in East Valley Intersection Crash

An 80-year-old woman died in a Las Vegas intersection accident after a pickup truck struck the vehicle in which she was a passenger. According to a news report in The Las Vegas Sun, the fatal crash occurred near the intersection of East Flamingo Road and South Pearl Street. Police say a 1998 Chevy Lumina was traveling west on Flamingo Road turning left to go southbound on Pearl Street at the time of the crash. The 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck traveling east on Flamingo Road struck the passenger side of the Chevrolet.

The drivers of the Chevrolet and the pickup suffered relatively minor injuries. The elderly passenger in the Chevrolet was transported to an area hospital where she later died from her injuries. Officials say this is the 44th traffic-related fatality in Metro’s jurisdiction this year. An investigation into the cause of this collision is still ongoing.

Any time a collision occurs at a street intersection, especially when one vehicle is making a turn, several questions must be asked. Did one of the vehicles fail to yield the right-of-way? Did one of the vehicles disobey the traffic control device at the intersection? Did one of the vehicles make an unsafe turn? Did alcohol, distracted driving, inattention, or any other form of negligence play a part?

Making turns at intersections can be a risky driving maneuver if not done properly. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings, follow traffic signals, and communicate their intentions to other drivers and pedestrians. Here are some tips to help drivers be safer when making turns at intersections.

Follow Traffic Signals

The first and most important rule of making turns at intersections is to follow traffic signals. Traffic signals and signs are designed to regulate the flow of traffic and prevent accidents. Drivers should always obey stop signs and red lights, and only make turns when the signal or sign permits.

Use Turn Signals

When making turns at intersections, drivers should always use their turn signals to indicate their intentions to other drivers and pedestrians. Turn signals are an essential communication tool that lets other drivers and pedestrians know where a driver is going. This is especially important when making left turns, as drivers may need to cross multiple lanes of traffic.

Check Blind Spots

Before making a turn at an intersection, drivers should check their blind spots to make sure there are no other cars or pedestrians in their path. Blind spots are areas around a car that are not visible through the mirrors or windows. Drivers should always check over their shoulder to ensure that they have a clear path before making a turn.

Slow Down

When approaching an intersection, drivers should slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary. Drivers should approach intersections with caution, even if they have a green light or right of way. It is important to remember that other drivers and pedestrians may not be paying attention, or may be distracted, and may not see a car approaching.

Avoid Cutting Corners

Drivers should avoid cutting corners when making turns at intersections. Cutting corners means turning too sharply, which can lead to collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians. Drivers should always follow the curve of the road when making turns, and avoid turning into other lanes or cutting across traffic.

Look for Pedestrians

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable road users at intersections. Drivers should always be aware of pedestrians when making turns, especially when turning right on a red light. Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and should be given ample time to cross the road before making a turn.

Keep a Safe Distance

When making turns at intersections, drivers should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians. This means leaving enough space between the car and the curb or other cars on the road. Drivers should also avoid turning into other lanes or cutting off other drivers.

Be Prepared for Sudden Stops

Drivers should be prepared for sudden stops when making turns at intersections. Other drivers or pedestrians may suddenly appear in the path of the car, and drivers must be ready to stop quickly to avoid a collision.

Don’t Rush

Rushing to make a turn at an intersection is a common cause of accidents. Drivers should take their time and be patient when making turns. It is better to wait for a safe opportunity to make a turn than to rush and risk a collision.

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