Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident

Dealing With Insurance Companies After a Motorcycle Accident

Even if you pay your premiums on time every month and are generally a policyholder in good standing, you cannot trust that your motorcycle insurance provider—let alone the provider representing someone else at fault for a wreck that injured you—will act in your best interests. Unfortunately, the truth is that insurance companies are profit-driven enterprises that will always try to avoid accepting financial liability for a crash, and even a small misstatement or extra bit of unnecessary information can be the perfect excuse for them to do so.

This is not to say that you should not try to be as cooperative and honest with insurance adjusters as possible after a crash, just that you should be careful and smart about it as well. While there is no substitute in this situation for help from an experienced legal professional, here are a few key tips to remember when dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident.

Speak Carefully When Insurance Adjusters Call

Once you file an insurance claim in the wake of a serious motorcycle accident, you will likely not have to wait long before an adjuster from your own insurance company—as well as adjusters from companies representing anyone else involved—gives you a phone call. Even if they sound friendly, remember that they represent the insurance company, not you. If something they say feels like a leading question, it probably is. Be straightforward and truthful with them, but at the same time, do not volunteer any unnecessary information. Refrain from making guesses if you do not know the answer to a question.

Never Admit Fault for the Accident

One of the most important things to do when interacting with insurance companies following a motorcycle crash is to avoid saying anything that could be construed as accepting blame for the accident, as it will almost certainly be used against you later in the claims process. Along the same lines, be careful when describing the nature and severity of injuries you sustained in the crash—even something as seemingly innocuous as answering “Fine,” to a question of how you are doing at the moment might be used later to argue you do not need additional medical care.

Do Not Sign or Settle Anything

It is very common for insurance adjusters to ask for your signature on things like medical release forms and records of your statements. Even if they claim it is routine, you should never sign anything from an insurance provider without first consulting legal counsel about whether it would be in your best interests.

Similarly, any insurance company you deal with after a motorcycle accident will likely try to resolve your case quickly by offering a lowball settlement amount and pressuring you into accepting it without any room for negotiation. Once again, you should discuss your options with a legal professional first and, ideally, retain one to help negotiate a fairer offer.

Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You Deal with Insurance Companies

The single best thing you can do to protect your rights and have an easier time dealing with insurance companies after a motorcycle accident is to get help from a qualified attorney who has helped people like you through situations like this successfully in the past. At Shook & Stone, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you with every aspect of your claim—including insurance negotiations, personal injury litigation, and even workers’ comp and Social Security if applicable. Schedule a free consultation by calling today.