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Causes and Effects of Suffering a Birth Injury

A birth injury is generally defined as any trauma suffered by a baby during the birth process, although medical conditions during pregnancy can also manifest in birth injuries. These injuries can be solely physical injuries, which may or may not heal completely, or they may be mental, which often causes physical and/or functional complications. Some of the more common birth injuries and medical conditions include: forceps bruising, should dystocia, facial paralysis, cystic fibrosis, spina bifida, umbilical cord entrapment, and cerebral palsy.

Medical malpractice, negligence and physician oversight are often the cause of birth injuries. A parent has a responsibility to ensure that they are taking all necessary steps to make sure that their baby is strong and healthy. Healthcare professionals also have that responsibility. Failing to diagnose a debilitating medical condition during pregnancy, failing to perform an emergency c-section in a timely manner, failing to warn a mother of dangerous medications, and inappropriate use of equipment may all be considered malpractice and the doctor, and/or the hospital he or she works for, may be held liable for the injuries that their negligence or misconduct caused.

Babies are very sensitive. A birth injury, even as simple as a bruise, can cause irreparable damage. The effects of a birth injury can lessen throughout the early years of a child’s life, but, most often, the effects of a birth injury are life-altering and will remain with the child into adulthood, though the symptoms may change. If your child has suffered a birth injury, medical costs for surgeries, rehabilitation, medications, emotional support, and other medical treatments will likely continue throughout their life.

Birth injuries create undue financial and emotional burdens for the entire family, and are often preventable. If your child has suffered a birth injury in Nevada that you believe was caused by negligence or misconduct on the part of a healthcare professional, the compassionate Las Vegas birth injury attorneys at Shook & Stone can help you determine the best course of legal action. Call us today for a free consultation today at 702-570-0000.


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