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Boulder City Manufacturing Plant Explosion

The deadly explosion and fire at a Boulder City industrial plant that injured at least six people, including one who was critically burned, has prompted scrutiny of the firm’s history.

Nevada OSHA is investigating what occurred on Monday morning at Armorock, a polymer concrete manufacturer that creates manholes and sewage pipes.

Corrosion-resistant products are made from a unique polymer concrete that is resistant to corrosion, but the chemicals they require are volatile, and the work is potentially harmful.

According to OSHA records, the worker was welding a 300-pound steel plate that was suspended overhead by a magnet when it plummeted and crushed his or her left thumb, which had to be amputated.

For that accident, the business was fined $3,000 and received a major OSHA violation.

OSHA issued one willful and 25 serious infractions at the plant in Sulphur Springs, Texas, after a laborer was badly injured in January. He was wounded by a huge mold, and Armorock failed to install machine guards that would have prevented the incident.

In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined Armorock more than $8 million for exposing employees to airborne silica at its Texas plant, putting them at higher risk of cancer and other potentially fatal lung and kidney illnesses.

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