5 Tips for Working Safely as a Construction Worker

5 Tips for Working Safely as a Construction Worker

Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Although the work can be satisfying and pay well, it is not worth risking your life or health.

Many construction contractors devote considerable resources to keeping their employees safe, but ultimately, much of your well-being on a construction site is up to you. Here are five simple tips for staying safe while doing construction work.

Follow These Tips to Enhance Safety

Workplace accidents are almost always preventable. Your employer is responsible for providing training and safety equipment, but it is your responsibility to use your training and equipment properly. If you do your part, you can prevent injury to yourself or someone else.

1. Wear Proper Attire

Long hair and baggy clothing can easily get caught and cause an injury, so tie back your hair and wear clothing that lies close to your body. Depending on the work you do, boots with steel toes or rubber soles are a must. Dress for the weather to avoid hypothermia or heat stroke. Avoid metal jewelry if you will work around electricity.

Always wear a safety vest, hard hat, and eye protection on a construction site. Wear a mask or respirator if working around dust, chemicals, or particulates. Protect your hearing with earplugs or insertable caps.

2. Keep the Work Area as Clear as Possible

The nature of construction work means that there will be materials and tools lying around. However, with some effort you can contain the items you need within a small area, reducing the risk someone will trip over them. When working above ground level, secure everything to avoid falling objects that could strike someone and cause an injury.

3. Be Extra Careful With Scaffolding

Falls from scaffolding or scaffold collapses cause many serious injuries on construction sites. Inspect scaffolding carefully before you mount and bring any concerns to the foreperson.

Always use a fall arrest system and guardrails, if possible. Respect a scaffold’s load limits. Do not work on a scaffold without proper training.

4. Lift Sensibly

Construction workers often lift and carry heavy items. Improper lifting techniques can cause debilitating shoulder problems and back injuries.

Use mechanical aids like hoists and forklifts whenever possible. If you must lift something with your body, get help if lifting it alone would be a strain, and use a sling or hoisting strap to help distribute weight evenly. When lifting something yourself, hold the item as close to your body as possible, bend from the knees with your back straight, and avoid twisting.

5. Stay Alert and Aware

Situational awareness is key to avoiding construction site accidents. Be vigilant about following proper safety procedures and insist co-workers do the same. Avoid distractions and note any potentially hazardous situations. Dangerous conditions are inevitable on a construction site, but you can minimize the risk by paying attention and doing your part to maintain a safe workplace.

Take These Steps When You Suffer an Injury

Even when you take all reasonable precautions, you cannot control every aspect of your working environment. You might get hurt despite your caution. When the worst happens, contact a Shook & Stone attorney immediately.

A qualified legal professional could help you file and defend a workers’ compensation claim. They also could investigate the incident to identify all the parties who might have contributed to your accident. If someone other than your employer bears some of the blame for the incident, you could bring a personal injury lawsuit against them. At a construction site, liable parties could include another contractor, the site owner, the manufacturer of a piece of equipment, and others.

The responsible parties are likely to try to shift the blame for the accident onto you. Nevada Revised Statute § 41.141 allows defendants to reduce their liability or even escape liability completely if they can prove a plaintiff caused an accident. Following safety rules and strictly adhering to regulations and procedures can ensure you receive full compensation for your losses due to a construction site injury.

Consult an Injury Attorney After a Construction Accident

Getting hurt in a construction accident might mean you miss time at work. If your injuries are severe, you might never be able to practice your trade again.

Whether you recover fully and quickly or have a permanent injury, one of the dedicated lawyers at Shook & Stone can help you get the compensation you need and deserve. Call today.