The Most Likely Ways to Get Injured in Las Vegas

The Most Likely Ways to Get Injured in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – is a fast, exciting, and well downright dangerous place to be. We’re not going to sugarcoat it. When people get injured here it’s typically due to the activities they get involved in.

The most common way tourists and visitors are injured in Las Vegas are by engaging in extreme sports. From ATV-ing up Red Rock Canyon, ziplining over Fremont Street, or skydiving above the Las Vegas Strip – these activities can be thrilling but also bring with them a greater risk for injury.

Extreme Sports Injuries – statistics show that the most common injuries from extreme sports in Las Vegas involve broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and even death. Make sure you always follow safety protocols and use proper safety gear for all your activities.

Alcohol or Substance-Related Injuries – it’s no secret there is a lot of alcohol consumption in Las Vegas. The city’s many bars, clubs, and casinos are known for their wild nightlife. Unfortunately, this often leads to people making bad choices while under the influence of alcohol or drugs which can quickly lead to injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Las Vegas is home to one of the busiest highways in the country – The Las Vegas Strip. With thousands of cars flying by 24/7, traffic accidents are a major problem in the city. Many of these accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Tourists and visitors need to be aware of the potential dangers when traveling to Las Vegas. Make sure you stay safe and don’t take unnecessary risks that could lead to injury or worse.

Other common ways to get injured in Las Vegas include:

Car Crashes: Whether you’re renting a car, taking a taxi, or using a rideshare like Uber or Lyft, Las Vegas roads can be dangerous. With all the visitors in town, the roads are often crowded and drivers may not be familiar with their surroundings.

There is also a lot to be distracted by especially on Las Vegas Blvd. With its bright lights and countless attractions, you may find yourself driving with more eyes on the road than actually on the road.

Slips & Falls: As something of a walking city, many tourists enjoy strolling around the Strip and exploring Downtown. Unfortunately, slips and falls are all too common in Las Vegas, whether on the street or inside a casino. Be sure to watch your step and wear shoes with good traction when out and about.

Falls: With over 60 major casinos, Las Vegas is home to many tall buildings, like casinos and hotels, where visitors often spend time. With all of the activity that goes on inside these establishments, people can easily get injured if they don’t pay attention.

Whether it’s walking up and down stairs, navigating your way through a crowded casino floor, or simply taking an elevator – falls are one of the most common ways to get injured in Las Vegas.

Drunken Fights: Las Vegas is known for its nightlife – as well as its violence. When alcohol is involved, fists often fly. You may not be involved in the altercation, but you could still be injured if someone bumps into you or another person throw a chair.

Heat Exhaustion: Las Vegas is known for its scorching temperatures and strong sun – especially during the summer months. Heat exhaustion is a real danger here and can quickly lead to serious medical conditions such as dehydration and heat stroke. Be sure to take breaks, stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen when outdoors for extended periods.

It’s important to keep safety in mind while you’re visiting Las Vegas – and be aware of the most common ways to get injured. By doing so, you can avoid becoming one of the statistics! So have fun – but do it safely!

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