Shook & Stone Sponsors Cox Treat Streets at Tivoli Village

Shook & Stone Sponsors Cox Treat Streets at Tivoli Village

Halloween Fun Shook & Stone is the proud sponsor of the 3rd annual Cox Treat Streets at Tivoli Village, a safe alternative to Halloween trick-or-treating. This free event is set to take place on Sunday, October 27 from 3pm until 6pm at Tivoli Village, the mall located on South Rampart in Las Vegas.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this event. There will be plenty of family-friendly activities, live music, food stands and trick-or-treating for families with costumed children aged 10 and under.

Halloween can be a fun holiday that the whole family can enjoy, but unfortunately, some people abuse the holiday and make it dangerous for others. That is why Shook & Stone is doing their part to make this a safe holiday for all to enjoy.

What can go wrong without safe Halloween?

  • Children can be at risk of injury or accidents.
  • There can be a higher risk of car accidents due to increased pedestrian traffic.
  • The possibility of tainted candy or food poisoning can arise.
  • Vandalism or property damage can occur.


Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween!

For those who want to participate in the Halloween festivities but will not be able to make it to Cox Treat Streets, check out the following tips for a safe holiday experience.

  • At night, it can be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, especially if they’re wearing dark clothing. If you plan on trick-or-treating on trafficked streets, be sure to wear bright or reflective clothing.
  • If you plan on attending a party where you will be consuming alcohol, be safe and remember to use a designated driver or public transportation when traveling home.
  • If you’ll be trick-or-treating with young children, keep them within a close distance at all times if possible. Teach your children how to dial 911 in the event that they do become separated from you.
  • If you won’t be going door-to-door but still plan on handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, make sure the outside of your house is well-lit and any potential hazards are removed from your walkway.

Safety is the top priority for Shook & Stone, and that’s why they are proud to sponsor Cox Treat Streets at Tivoli Village. They hope to bring a fun and safe atmosphere to the event, so everyone can enjoy their Halloween festivities without worrying about putting themselves or others in danger.

From Shook & Stone, have safe and happy Halloween!