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Nevada Lawmakers Pass Uber Authorization Bill, Taxi Cab Seat Belt Provision

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Last month, the Nevada Legislature passed a bill to regulate Uber, Lyft, and other similar ride-hailing companies. Assembly Bill 175 will create a number of regulations for these ride-hailing services and a three percent tax on fares for companies, taxis, and limo services that is expected to raise millions in new revenue. The measure will also require drivers to continuously provide insurance of at least $1.5 million for death or bodily injury any time the provide transportation.

In addition to welcoming Uber and Lyft to the state, the Uber authorization law also includes a provision that allows taxi companies to use nonuse of a safety belt against a passenger in cases involving auto accidents and personal injury. Here are some details about the provision:

  • Although previous law required all adult taxicab passengers to wear a seat belt, it did not allow the fact that a passenger wasn’t wearing a safety belt to be considered negligence in a lawsuit.
  • Under the new law, courts hearing auto accident lawsuits can consider whether passengers were wearing safety belts when making decisions about a case.

Proponents of AB 175 – including taxi cab companies – pushed the provision under the belief that seat belt evidence should always be allowed in court. Many trial lawyers and the Nevada Justice Association, however, opposed the provision on the basis that it would focus lawsuits on a passenger’s seat belt, rather than the most important factor: the cause of the accident. Opponents also stated that taxi drivers hold a higher legal responsibility, as they are paid to drive.

AB 175 can have a significant impact on Nevada roadways and on auto accident cases involving Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs. At Shook & Stone, we are well aware of the complexities that exist in these cases and are committed to helping local residents protect their rights during the personal injury claim process.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident involving ridesharing services or taxi services, our legal team is available to review your case during a free consultation.


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