Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Rates Higher than Those of Larger Cities

Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Rates Higher than Those of Larger Cities

On average, one person died every six days in pedestrian accidents throughout Las Vegas Valley according to last year’s statistics. These fatal collisions did not just occur in one type of place or during any particular time of day. Instead, these accidents occurred during various hours of the day and night and happened in places such as crosswalks and open roads.

According to national statistics, the rate of deadly pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas is higher than the pedestrian fatality rates of much larger cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Manhattan, Phoenix, Dallas, and Chicago. In Clark County alone, 43 pedestrians died in 2012 according to The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

What Will Las Vegas Do to Improve Pedestrian Safety?

Sources state that these accidents are directly related to drivers’ lack of attention. With Las Vegas rapidly growing, the roads are becoming less pedestrian-friendly. Now, it is up to the people of Las Vegas along with various groups to make the roads a safer place for pedestrians.

As of now, the mayor of Las Vegas stated that the city plans to spend $3.5 million over a five-year period in an effort to improve the safety of persons who choose to travel by foot. This means that on average, the city will spend nearly $700,000 a year on improving road safety. One source states that the Nevada Department of Transportation plans to install new traffic lights and perform various upgrades at the intersection of Cimarron and Blue Diamond. The estimated cost of this intersection alone is near $1 million.

What Can Drivers Do to Protect Pedestrians from Harm?

While the Nevada Department of Transportation, law enforcement agencies, and other groups are working hard to improve roads and intersections in order to protect pedestrians, drivers play a crucial role in decreasing the number of pedestrian accidents that occur every year.

Because we care about the safety of residents throughout our city, our Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyers have listed some helpful tips regarding what drivers can do to keep pedestrians safe from harm:

  • Always double or triple check crosswalks before entering an intersection or turning right
  • Never assume that a pedestrian knows where you are moving
  • Try to make eye contact with pedestrians to let them know you see them
  • Never enter the shoulder areas of the road without looking for pedestrians

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