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Occupational Illness & Disease

Nevada Workers’ Comp for Occupational Diseases

Workers’ compensation covers more than on-the-job accidents and work injuries. It also covers occupational diseases, which may include any of a number of medical conditions caused by exposure to toxins or other substances at the workplace, repetitive motion, physical exertion and more. At Shook & Stone, we recognize the importance of recovering benefits for workers suffering from occupational illnesses. If you have been diagnosed with a condition you believe is work-related, please call a Las Vegas workers’ compensation lawyer at our firm for a free case analysis.

By definition, an occupational disease is a medical condition that occurs as a result of one’s workplace or work activity. Occupational diseases are often chronic ailments that can significantly detract from a worker’s life. These conditions may affect one’s ability to work or even perform day-to-day activities, and in some cases occupational diseases may be fatal.

The following are medical conditions that may be considered occupational illnesses, thus entitling a worker to medical care and monetary benefits under the Nevada workers’ compensation system:

  • Hearing loss, caused by exposure to loud noises in the workplace.
  • Asbestosis and mesothelioma caused by exposure to asbestos. Though asbestos is now closely regulated, it may still be used in various fields and exposure may occur if proper preventative measures are not taken.
  • Silicosis caused by exposure to crystalline silica, or silica dust. This condition may occur in construction workers, miners, tunnel operators and others who deal with products that contain silica, like cement.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by repetitive or awkward motions using the hands, fingers and wrists. This is common in assembly line workers, typists and those who work in information technology.
  • The lung disease byssinosis, caused by exposure to cotton dust in poorly ventilated areas.
  • Asthma and other breathing/lung conditions caused by exposure to toxins, chemicals or particulates in various fields.
  • Various forms ofcancer caused by exposure to carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) in the workplace.
  • Lead poisoning in workers in fields that deal with lead or lead compounds.
  • Radiation sickness among workers in the nuclear industry or other fields dealing with radiation and radioactive substances.
  • Various skin diseases, like skin cancer or eczema, caused by exposure to chemicals or constant wet hands in such fields as hairdressing, printing, construction, construction or auto repair.

A worker who has a qualifying occupational disease may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits, including all medical care, diagnostic tests, medication, hospitalization, surgical procedures and other treatment related to his or her condition. A worker may also be able to receive cash benefits of up to two-thirds of his or her average weekly wage for the time he or she is disabled and unable to work. If the condition and disability is permanent, a worker may be entitled to a lifetime of benefits.

Families of workers who have lost their lives to occupational diseases may also be entitled to benefits under the workers’ compensation program. This may include cash benefits for their loved ones’ lost earnings and the cost of funeral or burial expenses.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney Serving Las Vegas, NV

Because every case is different, you may find it helpful to discuss your case with a knowledgeable legal professional. A Las Vegas workers’ comp attorney at Shook & Stone can offer insight that relates to your particular condition and line of work. If you have run into any problems in pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, our team can work to appeal your denied claim or can put the necessary amount of pressure on the workers’ comp insurance provider and your employer to get your claim paid in a timely manner.

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