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Denied SSD Benefits

After being denied Social Security disability benefits, you may think there’s nothing left you can do to receive financial aid for your physical impairment or disability. This is not always true, since you may be able to obtain a reversal of the determination on your claim by filing an appeal. There are legitimate reasons for a claim to be denied, however, so be sure to learn more about SSD eligibility and discuss your situation with a Las Vegas Social Security disability attorney before filing a claim or making an appeal.

Why was my disability claim denied?

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits depends on several factors. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews:

  • Your current work status, the severity of your medical condition
  • Whether or not your condition is on the List of Impairments
  • Whether or not you can do the work you did before
  • Whether or not you can do any other type of work

If you do not meet the requirements laid out by the SSA, your claim will be denied. On the other hand, the SSA has been known to deny valid claims, as well. If they believe that your temporary disability will last for less than 12 months, they may deny your claim. You could still fight such a denial by proving that your physical impairment could very well limit your ability to work for more than one year. Your best chance at obtaining benefits in any such situation is to retain a skilled SSD lawyer.

Fight for Fair Disability Benefits

If you have been injured or are experiencing a medical condition that limits your work abilities, you have every right to receive SSD benefits. Call the offices of Shook & Stone right away to learn what a Las Vegas SSD lawyer from our firm could do to help. Our attorneys work as a team and share more than 85 years of collective experience. Discuss your situation with a member of our team today and obtain a free case evaluation. With our help, you could win your case and obtain SSD benefits through your claim.