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Applying for Social Security Disability / SSD

Step-by-Step Assistance

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recommends that you apply for disability benefits as soon as you become disabled. At times when you may still be dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of a disability, however, navigating the SSD application process can be a challenge. At Shook & Stone, our Social Security disability attorneys are here to walk you step-by-step through the process to ensure that you receive the benefits you need.

Information You Will Need

SSD benefits provide financial assistance to people whose physical or mental disabilities prevent them from working. This means that all applicants must prove that they meet the criteria to qualify for SSD. To do so, you must provide certain information about yourself, including:

  • ID, proof of age, and Social Security number
  • Names and contact information of doctors, clinics, hospitals or other medical professionals that have provided you care, as well as the dates of your visits.
  • Information about any medications you take
  • Medical records from any medical professional that provided treatment
  • Any test and lab results
  • Information about your work history; where you worked and the type of work you did
  • A recent W-2 form or federal tax return
  • Information about family members who may qualify for benefits

Our legal team understands the importance of providing sufficient evidence when applying for benefits, and can assist you in compiling and obtaining the necessary information you will need to provide. You can visit our qualifying for SSD page to learn more about the criteria you will need to meet.

Understanding the Process

Once you have gathered the necessary information, it is important to understand the application process. For one, applying for SSD benefits is a process that takes longer than other types of Social Security claims – typically from 3 to 5 months. Providing as much information as possible about your disability and work history can help shorten this process. A state agency will review your application and may ask you to complete an examination or medical test before issuing a decision.

It is important to understand that because the SSD application process is so complex, the SSA often denies benefits to applicants. In fact, denial rates during the initial stage of the application process are approximately 60%. If you have been denied benefits, our attorneys can help you appeal the decision.

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Our Las Vegas Social Security disability lawyers have helped numerous clients successfully apply for and obtain disability benefits – and we are prepared to see how we can help you. If you would like more information about applying for SSD, your eligibility, and how Shook & Stone can help, complete a free online case evaluation form or call at

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