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Rights of Injured Workers

Laws Protecting Workers

The Nevada Revised Statutes provide extensive laws regarding workers’ compensation for employers, employees, and insurance companies in Chapters 616A, 616B, 616C, 616D, and 617. Under these chapters, workers who have suffered injury while on the job have certain rights that must be honored. These rights apply to their eligibility for compensation, the type of compensation they deserve, and the amount they must receive. Anyone seeking to understand employees’ rights should speak with a Las Vegas workers’ compensation attorney right away.

Employees’ Rights to Compensation

First of all, every employee who has accepted the workers’ compensation offered by their employer has the right to file for workers’ comp in the event of an accident. As long as they did not cause the accident, then they deserve to receive compensation from their employer’s insurance. Injured workers also have the right to make an appeal if a workers’ comp claim is denied. Sometimes insurance companies deny claims due to a misunderstanding regarding the cause of the workplace accident or wrongfully deny coverage in an attempt to save money.

Every eligible employee has the right to compensation. This could be won through a settlement agreed upon between the worker and the insurance company, or it could be won through a court procedure with the aid of a workers’ compensation attorney. Employees also have the right to retain skilled legal representation in the event of a dispute.

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