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Veterans Disability Compensation

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Understanding How the VA Rates Disability

The VA provides monthly benefits to veterans who are at least 10% disabled as a result of any injuries or illnesses that were incurred or made worse while serving in the military. The degree of a veteran’s disability will ultimately influence the amount of compensation they receive, which is why it is important for veterans to file fully developed claims and receive accurate disability ratings.

Disability compensation will always vary from case to case, as individuals will have unique situations and needs. For example, disabilities can include physical conditions and injuries or mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Disability compensation may also vary depending on how the disability happened, which can include the following situations:

  • Disabilities that existed when a veteran entered military service and were made worse.
  • Disabilities that were incurred during military service.
  • Disabilities that arose after military service.

Disability Ratings

Veterans’ disability benefits are awarded according to a veteran’s disability rating, which ranges from 10% to 100% in increments of 10%. Compensation may also be awarded in certain circumstances that are secondary to service-related events, such as temporary 100% ratings for veterans who undergo surgery for a service-connected disability. Additional compensation may also be available in certain situations if veterans:

  • Suffer severe disabilities
  • Experience loss of limb(s)
  • Have a spouse, children, or dependent parents
  • Have a seriously disabled spouse

In cases where veterans may suffer from two or more service-connected disabilities, the VA will take this into consideration and issue a combined rating that will equate to a final disability rating. Veterans may also receive increases in their benefits when the VA makes cost-of-living adjustments.

Received a 0% disability rating? We can help!

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has become notorious for inefficiencies and errors, and may not always rate veterans accurately. If you or a loved one received a disability rating less than you expected – even if the rating was 0% – you are eligible to appeal for a higher rating. A 0% rating will not entitle you to benefits, but it is an acknowledgement from the VA of an injury that could become disabling in the future. If you are experiencing difficulties with an injury that was rated at 0%, contact us for a free consultation.

Learn More About Your Right to Disability Benefits

At Shook & Stone, our Las Vegas veterans’ disability lawyers have helped numerous clients through the VA disability claim and appeal process. We know that helping veterans receive accurate disability ratings is crucial to ensuring that they receive adequate compensation.

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