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Las Vegas Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys

Nevada has a hot and arid climate ideal for swimming. It is no wonder Las Vegas hotels spend so much time and money designing the perfect pool area for its guests. Swimming pools are not just for vacationers, however. Many Nevada residences also have swimming pools, because, let’s face it, Nevada weather permits swimming and lounging by the pool for most of the year. Having a swimming pool requires much more than just a desire to have fun. Homeowners and other pool owners have legal responsibilities associated with that pool. If, for example, the child of a guest wanders into the backyard and falls into the pool and drowns or nearly drowns, the homeowner could be held liable for the child’s injuries or death.

Nevada swimming pool accidents fall under the scope of premises liability law. If you or a loved one has suffered a swimming pool injury as the result of a pool owner’s negligence, the experienced Las Vegas premises liability lawyers at Shook & Stone can help you understand your legal rights and options. Swimming pool accidents can also be an issue of product liability. For example, certain pool drain covers have been recalled because they present a drowning hazard. Contact Shook & Stone if you or someone you love was involved in a swimming pool accident due to pool owner negligence or unsafe pool drain covers.

Examples of Pool Owner Negligence

Both children and adults are at risk of swimming pool accidents, though not all swimming pool accidents necessarily occur at private residences. Any property owner has a responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors to that property, whether it has a swimming pool or not. In the case of property owners who do own swimming pools, the following forms of negligence can increase the risk of a swimming pool accident:

  • Broken tiles or other flooring around pool;
  • Lack of/insufficient supervision;
  • Toys or other items left on the floor surrounding the pool area; and/or
  • Unsecured fence/gate around the pool area.

Preventing Nevada Pool Accidents

There are a variety of steps a swimming pool owner may take to ensure the safety of both adult and child guests/visitors to their property, including:

  • Have lifeguards if applicable to your swimming pool property.
  • Limit/keep an eye on the amount of alcohol consumption around the swimming pool area.
  • Purchase at least $1 million in liability insurance.
  • Make sure your pool is enclosed by a surrounding fence and a lockable gate.
  • Supervise all children around the pool area, whether they are swimming or not.
  • Make sure guests supervise their own children.

When to File a Premises Liability Claim

Pool owners, as well as all other property owners/managers in Nevada, are legally obligated to ensure that their property provides safe conditions to all guest/visitors. Swimming pool owners must also secure their pool area against unsupervised and/or unwanted guests. If a homeowner fails to provide a safe pool area, then he or she may be held liable by any guest/visitor who suffers injury as the result of a hazardous condition. The liable owner can be the owner of a water park, recreation facility, other public facility, or of a private residence.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident in Nevada, contact an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer at the law offices of Shook & Stone. We can help you understand your legal rights as an injured victim and build a strong case on your behalf in order for you to receive the compensation you deserve from a negligent pool owner.