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Las Vegas and Reno Dog Bite Attorney

Did you know that dog bites are fairly common? About 44% of American households have a dog—and about 4.5 million dog bites occur every single year. Severe dog bite injuries happen rarely, but nearly one in five victims require medical attention after being bitten by a dog.

Getting attacked or bitten by a dog or other animal is extremely traumatizing, and can sometimes lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills. At Shook & Stone, our personal injury attorneys specialize in dog bite law in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, and the state of Nevada. We can help clients receive fair compensation after being injured by a dog attack.

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Nevada Dog Bite Law

As with premises liability laws that require property owners to maintain safe and healthy environments, dog owners are also responsible for ensuring their pets do not endanger the safety of others.

Common dog bite injuries can include the following:

Depending on the circumstances involved, including the nature of the attack and where it occurred, dog bite cases and compensation can vary drastically.

Any dog bite or attack that results in an injury is sufficient grounds for filing a personal injury claim. Owners can be held liable to compensate victims for physical or emotional damages if it is determined that the owner’s negligence led to the injury.

Nevada does not have an explicit law or statute relating to dog bite liability, but there is a law regarding dangerous and vicious dogs. Whether or not a dog has a history of being dangerous or vicious can play a role in your dog bite case.

  • Dangerous dogs:  A dangerous dog is a dog that has behaved menacingly without provocation on two separate occasions within 18 months. The dog has behaved so menacingly that people have to defend themselves against bodily harm when the dog is not restrained by a leash, fence, or vehicle. Owners of dangerous dogs can be held liable for injuries their dogs caused.
  • Vicious dogs: A dog is considered “vicious” when, without being provoked, it kills or injures a person. It is explicitly illegal to own, keep, or transfer ownership of a vicious dog in Nevada.

Experienced Dog Bite Attorneys in Las Vegas and Reno

With experience in multiple dog bite cases, the skilled personal injury attorneys at Shook & Stone are prepared to handle even the most complex cases. We work with you to file a personal injury claim, determine the extent of negligence involved, study the past behavior of the dog and owner in question, and examine any other information related to the case.

With dog bite cases, victims run the risk of encountering defense strategies that place allegations on victims as trespassers, or of their actions as provoking a dog into an attack so that owners may not be held liable. A competent Shook & Stone attorney can deflect these allegations and swiftly bring your case to a favorable resolution.

Client-focused and results-driven, the attorneys at Shook & Stone have the experience, legal knowledge, and skills needed to get you fair compensation. We represent dog bite cases in Las Vegas, Reno, Henderson, and throughout the entire state of Nevada. Contact us today to discuss your case and set up a free case evaluation.