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Las Vegas Premises Liability Lawyer

Property, business, and facility owners can be held directly liable and financially responsible for injuries and illnesses that occur on their premises as a result of their negligence or failure to provide a reasonably safe and healthy environment. Common forms of premises liability injuries and cases include:

As premises liability can frequently involve businesses, corporations, and entities with seemingly limitless resources and legal teams, it is essential that you have a qualified Las Vegas personal injury attorney when you wish to take legal action. At Shook & Stone, our lawyers have more than 85 years of combined experience and have worked on numerous premises liability cases involving a diverse set of clients and situations.

Las Vegas, NV Laws and Regulations

Premises liability is an area of law developed to ensure the safety of visitors and guests on another’s property. When businesses, properties, or facilities are made open to the public, they are required to keep all people free from preventable harm. There are numerous safety and health regulations that landowners are obligated to meet, some of which may vary according to the business, property, location, or services involved. Generally, however, landowners must provide safe conditions and adequate warnings for their guests. When an injury occurs on an owner’s premises, and it can be proven that the injury was caused directly by the owner’s negligence or failure to comply with laws and regulations, then victims can pursue compensation through a personal injury claim.

In order for premises liability laws to apply to personal injury cases, an attorney must present the following elements:

  • The defendant must possess the premises or property in question
  • The plaintiff must be a visitor or guest
  • There must be negligence or some other wrongful act

Beyond these basic elements, there are a variety of situations and circumstances that can greatly complicate premises liability cases. For example, while trespassers are not typically covered by premises liability laws, children who venture onto restricted areas and are subsequently injured may be entitled to compensation if there is reasonable evidence that adequate precautions, warnings, and prevention methods were not taken. In addition, third-party premises liability, in which a third party is responsible for the injury of a person while on another’s premises, can also result in complex legal disputes. The Nevada premises liability lawyers at Shook & Stone can work closely with you to evaluate your case, assess the risk and liability involved, and determine the best plan of action to take.

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