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If you have suffered an injury on Casino property, you will need an attorney familiar with the industry to get the maximum award. That's where Shook & Stone can help.

Casino Injuries in Las Vegas and Reno

Fighting for Maximum Compensation and Client Satisfaction in Casino Injuries

Casino accidents and injuries in Las Vegas and Reno happen far too often. Being injured in a casino is a sure-fire way to ruin an entire vacation, and here at Shook & Stone our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas and Reno have witnessed negligent casino owners and inattentive staff try to avoid taking responsibility for causing injury to a casino guest one too many times. So we’re ready to help you fight back. Our casino injury attorneys have been representing individual clients against multi-billion-dollar casinos since 1997, and we’re here to help you win your casino injury lawsuit next.

It’s a secret to absolutely nobody that casinos in Nevada are operating with one thing solely in mind – maximizing revenue while minimizing expenses. But our personal injury attorneys know that the ones who ultimately end up paying the real price are injured casino guests and their families. The Shook & Stone team of casino injury lawyers has seen the carelessness at many Las Vegas and Reno casinos first-hand over the course of two and a half decades, and unfortunately our team of experienced attorneys has not noticed much proactive change from the gaming industry to prevent the growing number of accidents in Las Vegas and Reno casino and gaming areas over the years.

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Are casino injuries in Las Vegas and Reno common?

What kind of damages can injured casino guests recover?

Las Vegas and Reno casinos are famous for a reason: they are high-profile, high-stakes venues with a constant flow of money and a revolving door of interesting characters.

This combination, along with alcohol being served – and sometimes over-served – to guests for 24 hours a day predictably leads to a lot of serious accidents and oversights that casinos often fail to prevent. If you have been injured in any of the following ways at a Las Vegas or Reno casino, contact our personal injury lawyers at Shook & Stone today for a free case overview:

The Most Common Casino Injuries
  • Casino slip and fall accidents
  • Gaming area slip and fall accidents
  • Pool and hot tub area slip and fall accidents
  • Poorly maintained casino walkways
  • Poorly maintained casino elevators
  • Poorly maintained or faulty casino chairs
  • Casino assaults
  • Casino harassment
  • Traumatic casino incidents involving over-served guests
  • Food poisoning at casino restaurant
  • Injuries sustained on casino shuttle buses
  • Injuries sustained in casino parking lot accidents
  • Injuries sustained in casino hotel rooms or bathrooms
  • Inattentive or understaffed casino security
Casino Injury

What Should I Do if I Get Injured at a Nevada Casino?

If you or a loved one are involved in a casino accident, it’s vital to get the right people on your side to fight for what you deserve. The first thing to remember is the casino managers and other employees are NOT those people! Here are a few things our personal injury attorneys recommend if you’re injured at a casino in Las Vegas or Reno.

Don’t sign anything!

When Las Vegas and Reno casino accidents happen, the staff nearby are always very quick to try to play nice with endless apologies and seemingly gracious offers to the injured guest in an attempt to make up for the injury or other harm they have caused. However, no matter how genuine employees may seem with their efforts to make the situation better after a casino gaming area injury, the truth is that they are trying to trick injured casino guests into  accepting meals, tickets, or even chips to use on the gaming floor in order to avoid accepting liability for the negligence that led to the accident and your casino injury.

Don’t sign anything given to you from the casino without speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney first, or you may unwittingly be absolving the casino of any wrongdoing.

Document the Casino or Gaming Area Accident

When casino accidents occur, the casino security and other employees often move very quickly to clean up evidence and get everything nearby looking and operating back to normal at their facilities. This is not only to hide the scene of the accident from the other guests, it’s to hide it from you as well! While our casino injury lawyers will always move quickly to obtain any security footage available of your casino accident, photos or videos of the event and injuries taken from the client themselves can often play a major role in a lawsuit after a casino injury in Las Vegas or Reno.

Talk to People Around You

A casino accident often happens in the blink of an eye. Casino slip and falls, casino assaults, casino equipment failures, and many other casino accidents can take place before you know what happened to you. If you were caught off guard, you might not be able to recall what happened – but the people around you likely will. After you ensure that you are safe and not in immediate pain or danger, try to find out if anyone saw your accident, and if so, find out what they saw. Getting their story could be a big help in building your personal injury lawsuit against the casino.

Call a Las Vegas or Reno Personal Injury Lawyer

A casino injury that happened in Las Vegas or Reno requires a casino injury attorney based in Las Vegas or Reno as well. Our lawyers at Shook & Stone have been helping clients fight against the multi-billion-dollar casino industry for 25 years, and we’re only getting started. Call the best personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas and Reno today at


What Types of Damages Can be Recovered in a Las Vegas or Reno Casino Injury Lawsuit?

Damages from a casino accident in Nevada unfortunately usually go a lot further beyond a ruined trip to the strip. When clients are injured in a casino gaming area or any other casino venue, we fight for full recovery of every form of damage that comes from a negligent casino.

This includes:

Were You Injured in a Las Vegas or Reno Casino accident?

Our talented team of Las Vegas and Reno casino accident attorneys have spent more than two decades winning cases for our clients, so if you were injured in a Nevada casino accident be sure to call the aggressive personal injury attorneys at Shook & Stone today at

. Our attorneys will never make a dollar until you win your case, so you know we are fighting for you as hard as we would for ourselves.

Compensation in Casino Injury Cases

There are two types of ways that you can classify damages personal injury cases; those are economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are financially based and can be calculated based on your actual monetary loss. They include the loss of wages, medical costs, out-of-pocket expenses, rehabilitation costs, etc. Economic damages are relatively easy to determine. Non-economic damages are difficult to quantify because of the emotional association that comes with them.

A classic example of non-economic damages is pain or suffering; this could be physical or emotional. Some states such as Nevada place caps on non-economic damages won in medical malpractice claims. The limit placed on non-economic damage awards in Nevada cases is $350,000. It is interesting to note that there is currently no cap on non-economic damages for other case types, including motor accidents. You might wonder about the average payout for a personal injury claim, and it’s not an easy one to quantify. That amount truly depends on the details of each case and the injuries that you sustained. In general, average personal injury settlements amount anywhere between $3,000 and $75,000. It is the job of an experienced accident injury lawyer to help you get the maximum amount for your damages.

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