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Rollover Accidents in Nevada

A rollover accident is a motor vehicle collision involving either one or multiple vehicles that results in a car rolling onto its side or roof. There are various causes of these types of accidents, but the results are often devastating. These are serious car accidents and victims can be left with permanently debilitating injuries. Liability can sometimes be difficult to determine with rollover accidents.

A Las Vegas car accident attorney from our firm can evaluate your case to discover who was liable and how you might be able to recover the necessary financial compensation for your injuries and other damage. Contact us for more information.

Tripped vs. Untripped Rollover Accidents

While there are an endless variety of factors that could contribute to a rollover car accident, there are two basic types: tripped and untripped.

  • “Tripped” is a phrase that describes a vehicle encountering an object, and that object causing the tires to lift from the ground. For example, if an SUV struck a concrete median going even just 45mph, that could be enough to throw the vehicle off balance and onto its side or roof. Some rollover accidents even involve multiple rolls.
  • “Untripped” accidents are caused by a sharp turn or an intense incline/decline. Untripped rollover accidents can also be caused by drivers swerving to avoid an accident or an object in the road. When a driver makes a sharp turn at a high speed, especially in a taller vehicle such as a truck or SUV, the center of gravity can be thrown off, resulting in rollover.

Roof Crush & Resulting Rollover Accident Injuries

Roof crush can occur when a vehicle rolls onto its roof and the roof is not strong enough to sustain the full weight of the vehicle. Many vehicle manufacturers include roof crush tests to produce vehicles with strong roofs that can withstand this type of car accident. Many, however, are not manufactured with strong roofs. There are federal regulations for the required strength of vehicle roofs (49 CFR 571.216) but even vehicles that meet the minimum strength requirements can experience roof crush.

Head and neck injuries are common when rollover accidents result in roof crush. When a roof caves in or an object on the ground protrudes into the vehicle, occupants of that vehicle can sustain serious head trauma, neck and spinal cord injuries. Roof crush has also contributed to passenger ejection in some car accident cases. In the worst-case scenario, roof crush could result in death.

Contacting a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love was involved in a vehicle rollover accident, you may be entitled to legal representation. Our firm can evaluate your case and determine who is liable for the accident.

vehicle defect may have contributed to your injuries, a negligent driver could have caused the initial impact or poorly maintained road could have initiated the rollover. The best way to find out if you qualify for legal representation is to contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer at our firm.

Shook & Stone is committed to advocating for the rights of accident victims so that they can recover the compensation they both need and deserve. You could recover compensation to cover medical costs, vehicle repair/replacement costs, lost wages and more.

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