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Injured in Las Vegas?

Representation for Those Injured While on Vacation in Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, nearly 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Another two million visit Laughlin, and nearly one million visit Mesquite annually. While many people visit Sin City without incident, hundreds are left injured in Las Vegas every year due to poorly maintained or designed spaces and other dangerous conditions. 

This article discusses some of the most common injuries to befall Vegas visitors and what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations while vacationing in Las Vegas.

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What to Do If You’re Injured in Nevada

Take Care of Your Injuries

A luxurious Vegas vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare if you get injured on the trip. If you aren’t a Nevada native, the experience is even more unsettling. 

In this case, the first thing you should do is seek professional medical attention for your injury. Your health should be your number-one priority. Getting medical care is also important for your personal injury attorney, who will need your medical records to prove that the injury(s) occurred while you were on vacation. Keep all the paperwork and digital records you receive at the hospital and collect the contact information of the clinic you visited. 

For your own long-term well-being, continue to follow any instructions provided to you by your doctor upon returning home.

Collect Evidence

Our attorneys will have a better chance at success if you also make sure to take pictures at the scene of the accident to preserve evidence. You do not have to be the one to take these photos. In fact, it’s in your best interests to ask a friend or family member to take the pictures for you while you’re receiving medical treatment. Ask them to be as thorough as possible; it’s better to have too much photo evidence than not enough. These detailed photos might help your lawyer catch details that you didn’t even notice.

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Contact Witnesses

Personal injury cases often come down to one person’s word against another’s. That’s why witness statements are critical. If there were people nearby when your accident happened, ask these bystanders if they’d be willing to provide a statement about what they saw. Your witnesses may be on vacation just like you, so it’s important to speak with them promptly before they leave town. You might consider asking witnesses for their contact information so you can follow up with them later for more detailed statements. 

If you were injured in a Las Vegas hotel, you might also be able to ask the staff for a list of employees and guests who were in the vicinity when you were injured. 

File a Formal Incident Report

If you were injured in a Las Vegas casino, you should be able to find a place to file an incident report. Taking the time to file a report prevents the staff members of the casino from claiming that your injury didn’t occur on their premises. They may seem very nice and accommodating in telling you that they’ll handle the situation and that you don’t need to file a report, but you should do it anyway. 

Typically, the risk management departments of these businesses are good at finding ways to deny liability and brush the incident under the rug with a complimentary meal or an extra night free. The casino interested in minimizing the impact of your injury on their business. Remain skeptical and file the report regardless of what they tell you, and don’t give up on your case. Keep pursuing compensation with the help of your personal injury lawyer.

Write a Letter of Spoliationvideo surveillance camera

While the incident report is important, it’s not always enough to prove your case. If your injury occurred at a casino or hotel, find out if the premises is equipped with video surveillance that might have caught your injury happening on camera. If this is the case, write a letter of spoliation to the business requesting that they keep the evidence. Otherwise, they may try to destroy or tamper with footage that supports your case in an attempt to protect themselves. 

Work With a Las Vegas Attorney

Do not make the mistake of hiring an out-of-state lawyer for a Nevada case. Visitors who are injured in Vegas should hire a Las Vegas law firm. For nearly 20 years, Shook & Stone has represented visitors who have been wrongfully injured because of casinos, business owners, and negligent drivers. We know the ins and outs of this city, and we have the experience needed to handle your Las Vegas injury claim. We are also licensed to practice in Nevada, which is required if you’ve been injured in Las Vegas and are filing a claim there.

If you have already gotten an attorney outside the state of Nevada, we can work with that attorney to resolve your claim.

The Most Common Ways to Be Injured in Vegas

On a typically busy weekend in Las Vegas, hotels and casinos deal with hundreds to thousands of incident reports that range from minor spa injuries to major battery attacks. Understanding risks and knowing what to do if one of these injuries happens to you will give you a better chance of succeeding in a personal injury lawsuit. Some examples of typical injury cases common in Las Vegas include:

Let’s take a deeper look at some of these injury risks and how to handle each of these scenarios after you’re injured in Nevada.

Passenger Carriers and Transportation Services

Most of the nearly 40 million visitors to Las Vegas arrive here without a vehicle, so they rely on other forms of transportation. These large and extremely profitable transportation services can be held accountable if they or their drivers fail to operate safely.

If you were injured in Las Vegas in an accident involving a taxi, limousine, bus, or executive car, you have a claim that should be handled by our Las Vegas law firm. We have represented thousands of people injured by negligent drivers, and our lawyers understand that there are special rules and laws that apply in these instances.

To begin with, many of these types of services are regulated by the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA). The NTA requires that these carriers possess adequate insurance and ensures that annual vehicle safety inspections are performed. The failure of a carrier to abide by the NTA’s regulations could provide grounds for liability.

Taxicabs within Clark County (which includes Las Vegas) are monitored by the Nevada Taxicab Authority (NTA). The NTA has its own compliance mechanisms, which provide additional support for claims against negligent drivers and their employers.taxicab personal injury

The moment you’ve been injured in Vegas in an accident involving these types of vehicles, it is imperative to retain a law firm that is knowledgeable regarding how these carriers function. Within their respective scopes, these agencies enforce applicable provisions of the Municipal Code, Clark County Code, Nevada Revised States, and the Nevada Administrative Code.

Under Nevada law, it is also interesting to note that these entities are considered to be “Common Motor Carriers.” See NRS 706.041. This classification resulted in a heightened standard of care to passengers, making it easier for claimants to establish negligence. Once again, this analysis is state-specific and requires that the attorney representing you be knowledgeable about Nevada Law. See Groomes v. Fox, 96 Nev. 457 (1980).

We represent claimants injured in the following types of vehicle accidents:charter bus accident injured in las vegas

Valet Accidents

Over the years, we have observed that a surprising number of people are regularly injured by the valet workers that are simply not paying attention to their work. Some examples include:

If you have been injured in Nevada by a valet employee, contact Shook & Stone to handle your claim.

Rental Cars

Many individuals who visit Las Vegas utilize rental vehicles, which account for a great number of our visitor claims. These cases are unique and require specialized knowledge of both the rental car industry as well as auto accident/insurance cases. Here are some of the laws that may apply to your case:

The failure to understand the subtleties of Nevada Law in this area could cause injured parties to unwittingly “leave money on the table.” If your Las Vegas accident involved a rental vehicle, contact Shook & Stone immediately.

Pedestrian Accidents

Most visitors to the Las Vegas strip choose walking as their primary mode of transportation since most of the attractions are so close together. Although the city of Las Vegas has made efforts to improve pedestrian walkways and enhance safety, accidents still happen. We represent pedestrians who are injured:

Pedestrian accidents are typically serious and sometimes fatal. Call Shook & Stone to discuss your injury or wrongful death claim.

Trip-and-Fall/Slip-and-Fall Claims (Premises Liability)

The most common injury claims among visitors to Las Vegas are trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall claims. Most of the time, these claims originate on casino property. In Nevada, casino owners and other property owners/managers have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe and free from unnecessary hazards so that guests/invitees and licensees are not injured. This is known as the duty of ordinary care. 

If a premises owner has allowed a property hazard to exist or persist, then they are responsible for the resulting injuries. Liability can arise when the casino has created a dangerous condition, failed to identify and remedy a dangerous condition, or failed to warn patrons of dangerous conditions.

Here are some common examples of defects or conditions giving rise to premises liability claims:

Premises liability claims often require establishing that the casino/premises owner knew about a dangerous condition on their property or should have known about the hazard prior to the incident. The plaintiff must also effectively establish that the condition on the said property was unreasonably dangerous and posed a threat of injury to the public. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Las Vegas hotel or casino, contact Shook & Stone immediately. We work quickly to preserve evidence so that we can build a strong case against the casino or premises owner. We will also make sure that the premises owner does not tamper with or otherwise modify the hazardous condition until it has been properly inspected and documented for your case. Our lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of applicable building codes, OSHA codes, and standards of care necessary to build a strong slip-and-fall claim.

Food Poisoning and Food-Related Strict Product Liability

Nevada restaurants and casino-run restaurants/buffets are held strictly liable for food-related injuries people sustain after consuming their food and drinks. Contaminated food, food poisoning, and other food-related illnesses can result in an injury claim against the eating establishment.buffet food poisoning personal injury

Your hotel or casino is responsible if their food was:

In any case, you will most likely begin to experience symptoms within two to six hours. 

If you believe you got food poisoning from a Las Vegas restaurant or casino, it is important to take action immediately, as you need to preserve valuable evidence. If you got food poisoning, we suggest you go to the hospital. Not only is this important for your health, but a confirmed diagnosis of food poisoning or food-related illness can also serve as valuable evidence in your injury claim.

Restaurants usually attempt to claim that the injured party had the condition prior to entering their eating establishment or that the injured party tampered with the item which resulted in the food-related injury. At Shook & Stone, we fight for food poisoning victims by showing that the eating establishment was responsible.

Retaining a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

Shook & Stone is your best option if you or a loved one was injured while visiting Las Vegas. As a Las Vegas law firm, we know the nuances and specific issues involved in casino, pedestrian, and other types of accidents specific to this city. We are also extremely well-versed in Nevada law and know how to build a strong case for accident victims.

Injured in Vegas? Don’t choose an out-of-state law firm.

Contact Shook & Stone today to discuss your case in a free initial consultation. Let us tell you how our experienced accident attorneys can help with your case.