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Hip replacements are supposed to cure your stiffness and hip pain. But with all the defective and dangerous hip replacements still on the market, good people like you are getting implants that worsen your pain. These are some of the following side effects of a bad hip replacement, which could make you eligible to pursue damages from the manufacturer:

Many common hip replacements have had a high rate of failure as a result of limited testing and research by the manufacturer. Consequently, patients all over the country now have defective products in their bodies, and major brands have begun to recall these products for their serious safety issues. 

If you or someone you love have had a hip replacement in the last few years but aren’t sure of the brand or components used, Nevada hip replacement lawyers can investigate on your behalf and find out if you have a recalled implant. You might be qualified to receive a settlement through a hip replacement lawsuit in Las Vegas. Contact us immediately for a case evaluation.

Metal Hip Implants

Metal-on-metal hip implants are one of the most popular — and most dangerous — hip replacement products on the market today, accounting for roughly a third of all implants annually. When these defective medical products move around, they shed toxic metals into the body and threaten your health. The FDA reports that those with metal implants have experienced the following as a result of metal poisoning:

What Is a Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

Hip replacements are supposed to last somewhere around 20 years, but manufacturing and design flaws can cut the implant’s lifespan to a few years or less and create the need for additional surgery. A hip replacement lawsuit is a civil suit that enables a patient to claim compensation for their suffering, injuries, and medical bills and ultimately improve their life. 

Today, there are lawsuits out against the following companies:

Under product liability law, hip manufacturers must compensate patients for the injuries that their defective implants have caused, including loosening, infection, dislocation, and/or metal poisoning. But before you can be compensated, there are a number of items you have to prove. Work with your lawyer to show that:

Other claims you can make in a hip replacement lawsuit that could further strengthen your case:

Should I File a Class Action or Mass Tort Lawsuit?

Most of the hip replacement lawsuits in Nevada and throughout the US are consolidated in federal court through multi-district litigation (MDL). In combining many individual cases into a mass tort lawsuit, you will have your case heard sooner without forfeiting your rights to compensation for your individual injuries. Hip replacement injuries can differ widely, which is why cases are heard separately in their respective states after the pretrial is over.

Hip Implants and Medical Malpractice

In some unique cases, hip implant complications arise as a result of the way the surgery was conducted rather than from the design of the implant itself. This is defined as medical malpractice or the breach of the patient’s right to a reasonable standard of care resulting in an injury. 

Shook & Stone is experienced in these types of cases as well. Our Nevada hip replacement attorneys are prepared to prosecute the healthcare workers who violated your trust and your body.

Statute of Limitations for a Hip Replacement Lawsuit

If your hip is hurting you after implant surgery, don’t shrug it off. While the pain might not be unbearable, it’s not something you should have to live with. After all, you got the surgery to alleviate your pain. Keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations on Nevada hip replacement lawsuits; you have three years from the time you started having complications to file and complete your claim.

How Can Nevada Hip Replacement Lawyers Help Me?

After a defective hip implant, you’re likely to experience a lot of physical and emotional pain as the medical bills rack up and your complications worsen. Above all else, our hip replacement attorneys can ease the financial and emotional burden of a poorly executed or structurally defective hip replacement. 

Call Shook & Stone today for a case evaluation. If you are eligible for a hip replacement lawsuit in Las Vegas or Reno, we’ll help you move forward and get the compensation you need to heal.

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