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Why Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

An individual can file an application for disability benefits by going to any Social Security Administration office. They will give the application, and you can fill it out. If you fill out that application improperly, or you are not complete, you can prolong the claim and you can increase the likelihood that you are going to be denied. We help people with initial applications. If you do submit that initial application yourself and you are denied, my recommendation is you absolutely must have a lawyer at that point. The statistics tell us that nearly 70 percent of people are denied. There are different levels. You could ultimately find yourself at a hearing, and if you do and are unrepresented, you really run a significant risk of not getting the benefits that you have the right to. We are paid by statute. There is actual federal law that tells us what we can get paid for helping someone with a Social Security Disability claim. The benefit to the client is simple: we are capped. We can only get paid so much if we represent a Social Security client. I think that’s a real good thing for clients that are a little bit uncertain an attorney is going to charge them too much – that is never going to happen in this area.


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