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Who Can Get Social Security Disability Benefits in Nevada?

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Generally put, you qualify for monthly Social Security Disability Income/Insurance (SSDI) benefits if you worked in a job or jobs covered by Social Security and you have a medical condition that Social Security considers a disability. This seems simple, but very specific definitions accompany the two aforementioned requirements, and can complicate your application process. If you have become disabled and cannot work, an experienced Nevada SSDI benefits attorney can help you determine whether you qualify for benefits and then help you through the application process. But here is some general information that can help you in the meantime:

A person qualifies for SSDI if:

  • They have a mental or physical condition that prevents them from working their current job, or any past jobs;
  • Their condition is expected to last at least 1 year, or result in death;
  • They are under the age of 65; and
  • They have generally worked 5 out of the last 10 years as of the determined “start date” of the disability, although age affects the required years worked.

There are, of course, special circumstances that can alter any of the above qualification requirements. If illness or injury is preventing you from earning a living, and will do so for at least one year, you can’t spend the time analyzing the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) definitions and exceptions to the rule. Consulting a Social Security disability attorney will ensure that you are well informed and make the process much easier.

At Shook and Stone, our experienced Clark County Social Security disability benefits lawyers know how difficult it is for a person to be prevented from earning a living and providing for his or her family. We help disabled workers get the Social Security benefits they deserve during their recovery. Call us today at 702-570-0000 for a consultation.