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What happens if I am injured at work?


The first thing you should do if you are injured at work, is go to the emergency if you are seriously injured. Any emergency room will take care of you and that bill will be taken care of by workers’ compensation. If you are not so seriously injured as to require emergency care, you should immediately notify your supervisor. The supervisor is required under Nevada law to give you a C-1 form. This is a notice of injury form. Fill it out, explain exactly how you were injured and what your injuries are, and put that on file with your employer. If your injury is so severe that you do require some level of care, or urgent care, your employer should send you to a doctor that they have contracted with. This doctor will be trained in filling out what is called a C-4 form. A C-4 form is the actual start of a workers’ compensation claim. The bottom part is completed by your doctor. It is very important your doctor fill this out completely, including what your injury is, what your diagnosis is, as well as establishing its causal relation to your work. Without that, it can make establishing your workers’ compensation claim very difficult.

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