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Veterans Still Waiting Months for Care at VA Facilities

Despite numerous reforms and billions of dollars aimed at improving access to care for veterans, wait times for appointments at VA hospitals are still out of control. Many veterans in desperate need of care are still having to wait months or more to receive care. Some are dying before they even have a chance to see a doctor.

The Phoenix, Arizona VA facility is one of the worst offenders, especially in light of last year’s reports of “secret” appointment lists disguising the true amount of veterans waiting for care. In August, the average wait for appointment times at this facility was over 90 days. Many of the veterans waiting for care are in need of critical health procedures that require timely attention.

Since last year’s scandal, the VA has made changes that should double its capacity to meet the needs of veterans, but so far, demand for services has proportionately increased. While the VA claims that they are able complete appointments in a week or less, whistleblowers are saying that the figures the VA reports publicly do not reflect actual wait times. The VA has confirmed that they have changed the way they calculate wait times, leading many people to remain skeptical about any statistics that come from the VA. The loss of public trust is too great.

Shook & Stone is Committed to Protecting the Rights of Service Members

For years, the VA has been notorious for failing our nation’s veterans. As a former service member, you should not have to suffer for the VA’s inefficiencies and other failings. You have worked hard to protect our country, and there is no excuse for you not to receive the care you are entitled to in a timely manner. Shook & Stone understands your frustration and is ready to fight for you!

Since 1997, our Las Vegas Veterans Disability lawyers have fought hard to protect the rights of injured and disabled people. We are skilled and knowledgeable in this area of law and are uncompromising in our will to pursue justice on behalf of those who need it most.

Learn more about how we can help with your Veterans Disability matter by calling us today for your free consultation.


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