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VA Changes Simple Process & Makes it More Complicated – Go Figure

 |   |  Veterans Disability

For years veterans who disagreed with their VA disability claim decision were able to let the Department of Veterans Affairs know in a very straight forward way. They picked up a pen, some paper, and could write almost anything to the effect of “I disagree with your decision”. And that simple process was how to file a Notice of Disagreement. Unfortunately, the VA decided that process was far too uncomplicated. Therefore, they have decided to invent some new hoops for disabled veterans to jump through. Now, if a disabled veteran disagrees with the decision from the VA they have to file their Notice of Disagreement on a VA Form 21-0958.

The VA says that the Notice of Disagreement form will be issued with the decision notification letter. What happens when a veteran does not receive the form with the decision and does not know about the new process? Will the veteran be notified they have filed the Notice of Disagreement incorrectly or will they be left to think that the country doesn’t care about their needs? What happens if an elderly veteran does not know where to look for this new form?

The VA claims that this new process will make the filing process easier. It will be easier, easier for the VA, not the veteran.

Fortunately, you can find the new Notice of Disagreement form and many other helpful VA forms here.

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